The airline admitted how to save on tickets


Авиакомпании признались, как сэкономить на билетахImportant information for travelers.

We decided to find out and to tell our readers, what is the price of a plane ticket and what is behind the concept of “rate”. It turns out that the tariffs are set according to strict rules, and not “taken from the ceiling” (contrary to popular belief). At the end of the article you will find the useful bonus: a few tricks that will help you to save on flights.

Watch, get inspired and plan the trip. Are we sure this is easier than it seems. And cheaper.

Авиакомпании признались, как сэкономить на билетах

Jet fuel — 26 %

Aviation fuel is the main item in the cost of transport. Each aircraft fuel consumption and, as a rule, it can be found in the public domain on the website of your desired airline or aircraft manufacturing company. By the way, there is often cited the cost of aviation kerosene — these numbers are also quite easy to find. If you’re interested.

Cited a hypothetical example to understand the numbers: for the direct flight Moscow — new York (about 7,500 km) Airbus will need about 70 tonnes of aviation kerosene. And 70 tonnes of aviation kerosene, are almost € 34 thousand

Service of passengers and baggage and aircraft at the airport — 26 %

This item includes lot of things. Firstly, it serves passengers during the flight (lunch, handing out baby soft, water, a good crew and all that). Second, the transportation and preservation of Luggage. Thirdly, this includes the work of call centers, web sites, collection of statistics, maintenance of client base. And fourth, work with the aircraft itself: “the meeting” at the airport, ensure his Parking lot Express.

Maintenance of an aircraft — 16 %

This insurance and minor repairs: a local painting, planned replacement of parts and components of aircraft.

Salary Fund — 10 %

In this part of the costs included salaries and bonuses to employees of the airline: it is the pilots of all ranks, flight attendants and other personnel.

Depreciation and leasing — 8 %

Amortization is the gradual reduction in the cost of the aircraft associated with the process of its deterioration. If the vessel is owned, depreciation costs are borne by the owner. If the plane is rented (this is the so-called aircraft leasing, it is found very often), then the lessee pays the rent to the lessor.

Advertising and administrative expenses 5 %

That’s what the airline spends on its promotion in the market, taxes and other expenses. Cost items and their amount vary depending on the situation within countries.

Commission fees and air navigation, meteorological support — 9 %

This includes the work of meteorological services, monitoring of the aircraft during the flight, the payments to the airports by the airlines.

Bonus: tricks that will help you save on the ticket

Use different aggregators

Sites-aggregators — is a search engine websites for tickets. They compare the offers of all airlines and the most convenient rank them for you. In fact, it is the easiest and most reliable way to find tickets at the lowest price: on one site you consider all the existing proposals on the desired route.

Different search engines can rank results differently, so the price should check a few aggregators. The difference in price can sometimes reach 2-7 % of the total value of the tickets.

At the same time inside the search engines there are many useful functions like mailings from the best areas of the bonuses, card low ticket prices.

Choose tickets with transfers

Flights with transfers almost always come out cheaper than direct. The fact that airlines try to fill flights that use their base airports (so-called hubs, or hubs).

Transplant can also be organize right and productive. Travelers actively use the stopover — transplant longer than 24 hours. So there is the opportunity to look at one country more and a good save. The stopover must be made in airlines after buying tickets with docking, but before that you need to clarify whether there is a possibility stopover on your flight.

Авиакомпании признались, как сэкономить на билетах

Use the “Sunday rule»

Under this rule, if you hold at the destination the next night from Saturday to Sunday, the tickets will be slightly cheaper. “Sunday Rule” was invented in America, where the share of flights for personal purposes, and flights for work. It is believed that businessmen are eager for the weekend to go home and willing to pay a little more, and the tourists it does not matter.

Fly in the “right” days

Many airlines slightly vary the ticket prices on different days of the week. The cheapest are often Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. From Friday to Sunday and public holidays the tickets go expensive.

But in popular business destinations, this rule does not work, because business people fly on weekdays.

Change the date

If you are attached to certain numbers, vary the date of departure and arrival: 3, 5, 7 days the difference will save. Some aggregators for this purpose there is a so-called “calendar of low prices”.

By the way, if time of departure is so insignificant, what time limits you have only “fly in may”, then you will get the same calendar. It in a convenient format will show you all ticket prices are in the desired month.

Авиакомпании признались, как сэкономить на билетах

Sign up in the loyalty program and earn miles

For enrolling in the loyalty program the client receives airline miles, coupons on purchases from the zones duty-free, free tickets and discounts on accommodation in hotels. Almost all airlines are generously bonuses and discounts for their regular customers.

Авиакомпании признались, как сэкономить на билетах

Pay attention to the details

When paying for the best tickets a couple of extra times to recheck all the conditions of purchase. The fact that some aggregators and airlines can take strange additional fee: for paying with a card in a paper form if paying offline, for booking a ticket. Here, in each case, you just need not to lose vigilance.


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