The abrupt collapse of the Iranian currency has sparked protests in the country


Резкий обвал иранской валюты вызвал протесты в стране People are not satisfied with the situation in the economy of Iran.

In the Iranian capital Tehran began massive protests – people require government to strengthen the domestic market. All this happens against the background of devaluation of the Iranian Rial against the dollar.

The Iranian people are excited, and the excitement turned into protests against the government’s actions – today, Sunday, June 24, in a major shopping center of the capital, the citizens demanded that the government take urgent action.

They also claim that the country it is necessary to concentrate not on the “showdown” with Syria, and their own problems, of which the country has accumulated.

So for example, a real this Sunday fell to a record low against the dollar – the dollar will have to pay R $ 87.000. As early as Thursday to buy the U.S. currency was impossible for 75.000 reais.

Also critical situation marked by the fact that the shops to the visitors closed sellers that sell mobile phones and other electronic goods.


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