Thaw with artificial bait


Particularly zealously argue about anglers practicing catch fish on a baitless jig.

Drilling extra holes in the ice and none of us wants, and the jig, in comparison with the same crankbait or spoon, works only vertically, and hence the fish attracts a lot weaker than all the other artificial bait.

In my experience, were fishing, when success depended on correctly certain local points, and were fishing, when the whole result was achieved by properly chosen bait. Sometimes success is dependent on properly chosen animation of the lure.

In General, the greater the accumulated experience of catching fish on a baitless jig, the greater was the confusion with the definition of the most correct tactics and strategy of fishing. And depend entirely on “his Majesty the case” also somehow does not really like.

The need to dot the “i” in this question gradually developed into a desire to spend some test fishing. By pervalidus when hungry fish catches on everything, at least tentatively reminds her object of power, to obtain objective results is not realistic.

Mess around with lures in the cold too, not very much. You need to wait for the thaw. And this opportunity was presented to me.

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People say: “the Sun is for summer, winter — the cold”, but that the 25th of December, we received warm. Freezing weather that lasted for almost a month, suddenly changed – “plus”, so that one day snow cover has decreased by half, and pouring the ice melt water quickly made him loose and dangerous for the movement.

But the thaw is the time when the fisherman is besmettelijk there is a real chance not only well atlavitsa, but also to experiment with different baits and ways of their transaction.

Then when it comes gluhozime, and catches will be measured not in pounds, and tails, this knowledge can be very useful. When 10 drilled holes working can be only one, confidence in the bait is perhaps the most critical factor in the success of the fishing.

This time for “casting” I have selected a few jigs: large “ê”, “banana”, “goat”, “Lesotho” and Mukho-jig “a La the Scud”.

Due to the strong thaw most interesting bodies of water suddenly became unavailable, so the choice of the range for the experiments was not very difficult. The upcoming fishing I chose ples located in the lower reaches of a small river.

Despite heavy fishing pressure, this pond is considered fish. But as it happens in most cases, catch is the one who knows the point of feeding fish and the time of its release, or is actively seeking.

However, most of the local regulars of this reservoir is sure that the fish is in season, so they honestly had served his time, not forgetting to closely monitor other anglers: when one of them will characteristically waving his arms.

I’m not a big fan of fishing in crowds, so I always try to find a place where I will not interfere. On this day, when I took the ice Plyos, all anglers are accumulated on a vast grassy shallows. Judging by the fact that they virtually did not move on the ice, the bite today was not.

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As you know, in the thaw faster just aktiviziruyutsya white fish, so this time I decided to focus precisely on its catch. And the best areas to search for it, always considered to be located near the root river pit.

Here and for such a quick, and grass on the bottom not so much as on the main ples. The more that a week ago, mixed in with the perch, I caught a few of the weighty plotvits.

So the first thing I decide to check this place out. However, I could not resist checking the surroundings of the flooded wood, which lies directly on the river bed. It sometimes pleases bites scoring perch, but this time neither the first, nor the second, nor the tenth hole poklevok was not. I changed the lure, and wiring, but never noticed even the slightest hint of a bite.


Photo: Nikolay Linnik.

Once at the hole, first look for the edge and the first series of holes is drilled in the direction perpendicular to the shore. The first adjacent hole depth increases by almost a meter. So to stay here is meaningless. But starting from the fourth hole, the depth difference becomes less significant. Edge found.

Fishing start with “ê”. But none of the drilled 6 holes this lure no one was interested. Change the “ê” on the black “banana” with a yellow bead on the hook, and the first to this silent hole I see a clear bite.

The first trophy was roach weighing 200 grams, then in the same hole bite plotwise, then bass. Bypass all drilled holes brings another five of plotvits.

Change “banana” to Mukho-jig “a La the Scud”. Quick game with this bait does not work, but it is seen that the fish lure is interested. During the posting of the nod several times barely noticeable, “sticks”, but before the bite, it never comes.

Change the direction of the game and spend the jig down. When the bottom is 30 inches, nod confidently straightens up, and another chubby little plotwise migrates from the hole on the ice.

A similar technique: a few climbs up the bait with an aggressive, sweeping the game and the subsequent slow, smooth rocking movements the descent of the lure gives me even a few fishes.

Turn on “goat.” The bait in the deepest hole, the only bite. Again, this is roach. “Lesotho” roaches also bite, but its size became much more modest.

Towards noon the bite was suspended. Decided to move to the top of the reach, where it flows into the deep channel. Last year, we are actively bit roach and small bream. And now in the deepest part of the ice was a sieve.

Drill some holes and try a whole Arsenal of baits — all to no avail. Shifted to the shore. Here holes you have to drill, standing ankle-deep in water. One second hole. In the third, near the shore, at a depth of about two feet in a row to catch two perch. The harvest of the subsequent holes doesn’t bring success.

Move several meters from the shore. Here the depth is around 2 meters. Again, try the whole Arsenal of lures. In this place a favorite is “Lesotho”. Slow, with great frequency, the rise of this bait showed the local Beli most alluring.

For half an hour with a dozen platic and one roach move from under the water on the ice. Then the biting stops. Again shifted to the shore and caught two more perch.

Fishing, standing in water, not very convenient. Return to ples. Only now check for the presence of fish deep bochazhok.

Drilled half a dozen holes to find the fish on a small underwater hill. The difference in depth is only 20-30 centimeters, but a gaggle of roaches are gathered on this patch. And again most “working” the bait becomes “Lesotho”. That’s just again had to find the right game.

Now the fish react to the change quick and smooth gaming. Two or three Postings were made in the style of “frosty shakes”. After a pause, the style of play changed to a slow rise with smooth rocking movements.

Most of the bites looked like a neat stop nod. Of course, if such strikes happened a lot of empty sweeps, after which the hole immediately became silent. And again the fish were eating about half an hour, then the bite stopped.

On the way home, decide to look again to the flooded tree. Frost there, so drilling a fresh hole is not necessary. In the first hole, hardly my “ê” touched bottom, is confident bite. Perch, followed by the second, third, fourth,… Turn on the next hole, the pattern is repeated. “Striped” as if lined up.

It ended an unfortunate breakage of the lure. Someone weighty did not want to go in the hole. And when the fish was already on the ice, snapped fishing line. I just saw sparkled in the water, the white side of the fish. Who was it: IDE or large roach, will remain a mystery to me.

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Analyzing the results of the last fishing, I came to the conclusion that the eternal debate of fishermen-basematerial about what is more important, the right bait, the method of the presentation of the fish or choice point is likely not quite correct.

This fishing has demonstrated that the special priority none of the above factors in front of the other was not. Success appeared when fused together the “puzzle” consisting of knowledge of the time of release of fish for feeding, the ability to determine the local point of its Parking and a faith in the bait.

No matter that each new point I again had to find and the most attractive for fish-bait, and to experiment with her flow. These efforts were not in vain, because in your bait I believe, and what you want.


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