That’s how hard it was born of dissent


Вот как тяжело рождалось инакомыслие


“Bear, Bear, where your smile

Full of enthusiasm and fire?

The most ridiculous error

The fact that you’re leaving me

I’m with you embarrassing joke… “

– once We have heard at every corner of this favorite Soviet song.

But then one day in one of the government Newspapers suddenly

the article was published, where, among other things, it was reported lightheadedness

the lyrics of this song!!!

Law-abiding People were puzzled. So now supposed to sing or not to sing??? Because we all know that “Soviet means excellent!” and here…Is our enemy bad songs…

Moreover, less than a week, like literally almost all Our even the seedy tabloid began to repeat the above-mentioned state criticism, and some authors even without the instructions of the Party and the Government “exceeded the plan” agreed to the fact that the song it’s time to eliminate…

And none of this is not planted, and the song is not banned…


About these see my “Colorful memories”

Nowych Petr

Was independence a valid…


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