Thank Kaminska shared candid shots


Celebrity has published photos in social networks.

Participant of the duet “Neangely” Glory Kaminska amid divorce from her husband, a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky began to hit fans on the social networks revealing and sexy photos, reports the with reference to the channel 24.

The divorce of Edgar and Glory Kamenskih talking more than a week ago. On the site Podolsky district court there was a statement by the plaintiff which was made by a man. In day of consideration of the application the plastic surgeon for the first time confirmed the divorce. However, when it was the scheduled trial, none of the spouses did not attend the meeting. Consideration transferred on 1 July.

After news of the Glory of his often seductive and candid shots on his page in Instagram. So, on one photo, the singer poses in a black bathing suit (the price of which on the official website – $ 166), showing lush Breasts and slender waist. On top she put on a white robe.

Some of the users in the comments joked that such publications Glory “poison your husband”, while others drew attention to the noticeable photoshop.

Thank Kaminska / Instagram / @babaslavka

The other picture shows the star tried on a black inflatable vest and bright makeup with emphasis on eyes.

“Oh, is it my fault that I was born beautiful?” she asked fans to caption photos.

Thank Kaminska / Instagram / @babaslavka

Thank Kaminska / Instagram / @babaslavka


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