Thank Kaminska admired figure in tight-fitting shape


The soloist “DeAngelo” boasted new photos from my workout.

On his page in Instagram Glory Kaminska showed how he trains in the morning in stunning shape emerald green to accentuate her perfect figure.

The singer signed his photo: “In any unclear situation shake your buttocks! it is useful for the mind and body!
Here’s my TOP 5 favorite exercises for sokovyta rear surface of the body, which can be done at home, in the yard, at work, in the Elevator, it would wish!
1. Squats. After a week of daily practice, your nuts will start to acquire a better shell)
2. Attacks. Can be done on the spot, in motion, with a child on his shoulders, anyway. Perfectly strengthens the muscles of the thighs and buttocks!
3. Reverse plank. Raise legs alternately. Arms, abs and legs say merci))
4. Abduction of the hips back. Even the street lamp you can help)
5. “The chair”. At a wall of birch does not matter) sit and sit. After 30 seconds the muscles begin to speak the language of shiver))
In General, Peace, Labor, May and healthy, beautiful body!”.

In the comments, the singer was bombarded with compliments, and her photograph was estimated at nearly 9 thousand likes in just over an hour after posting on Instagram.


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