Than “cesarino” different from an ordinary child?





Чем "кесаренок" отличается от обычного ребенка?

Than “cesarino” different from an ordinary child?

Every year about 1/5 of all children in the world born by caesarean section. According to the who in 2014, this figure was equal to 18.7% of the total number of births. In Russia it is not more than 15%. The indication for caesarean are different factors: anatomically narrow pelvis of the pregnant woman, the fetus weighing 4 kg or more, placenta previa, serious chronic or contagious illness of the mother, multiple pregnancy, etc. Caesarean section is the safest option to have a healthy baby in all of these cases. While it is accepted that children cesarato weaker than their peers born naturally.

The influence of anesthesia

What the biggest problem is the impact on the child of anesthesia and muscle relaxants, who gets his mother to share absolutely everything obstetrician-gynecologists. These substances relieve the pain and spasms of smooth muscles, allowing physicians to quickly and least traumatic for the mother and child to perform the surgery. But drugs are in the blood of the newborn.

Anesthesia does not make a child an imbecile, but decreases locomotor activity during the first days of life. A newborn is not nursing looks sluggish compared to normal children and generally manifests itself not so actively. But all this with time passes, if the mother adheres strictly to medical advice and pays a son or daughter maximum attention.

Problems with the respiratory system

During normal childbirth, the amniotic fluid that fills the baby’s lungs will be forced out naturally. If the baby is born by caesarean, his lungs are not fully cleansed from fetal fluid, resulting in future problems with the respiratory system.

This fluid is the perfect breeding ground for pathogens that we inhale with the air. Therefore, the probability is that in the first years of life cesarano will “catch” the infection much more often than a normal kid. Parents need to take this into account and make every effort to ensure that the child grew strong and healthy.

Features of the psyche

Differences in mental development and readiness cesaret with the difficulties of life described by the American psychiatrist Stanislav Grof. According to his theory the child during birth goes through several stages, each of which corresponds to bookmark certain psychological qualities.

During labor, the baby acquires the ability to endure the pain, to wait and to adapt to difficult conditions. Have cesaret these qualities during the operation are not formed, therefore, these children are more impatient, capricious and helpless in the face of difficulties. During the passage of patrimonial ways, the child learns to overcome obstacles, he formed the determination, which deprived cesarato.

This opinion is shared by Grof and European scientists. Moreover, children born by caesarean, more likely to suffer very common now with attention deficit disorder (SGD). According to various sources, in Russia they suffered from two to 18 percent of children and adolescents. All these features of child cesaret mothers should do everything possible to help the child to adapt more quickly to the environment.


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