TFR refused to consider material evidence 9 billion seized from the family of Colonel Zakharchenko


СКР отказался считать вещдоком 9 млрд рублей, изъятые у родных полковника Захарченко

Russia’s investigative Committee reversed the decision on the recognition of physical evidence in a criminal case accused of taking bribes of former Deputy head of the anticorruption Department of the MIA of the Russian Federation Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko 9 billion rubles, seized during the searches in the apartments of a relative of the enforcer. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”, referring to the decision of the investigation.

The lawyer of Colonel Zakharchenko Alexander Gorbatenko Agency confirmed the veracity of the document. To read the decision protection could while studying the case materials, admission to which did not previously have.

The money by the court remain under arrest until October.

Zakharchenko accused on several counts of bribery (part 6, article 290 of the criminal code) and obstructing justice (part 3 of article 294 of the criminal code). According to investigators, the security officer received from the restaurateur Copper Moussa a bribe of 800 thousand dollars for the shelter and another 3.5 million rubles as a discount card of the restaurant “La Mare”, and warned the former Director of “Nota-Bank” Galina Marchukova about upcoming searches.

At searches at Zakharchenko and his relatives were found more than 9 billion rubles. Now the enforcer is under arrest. In December last year Nikulinskiy court of Moscow satisfied the claim of Prosecutor General’s office on the treatment of income state of cash and property Zakharchenko and his family for a total of about 9 billion roubles. Interestingly, Zakharchenko said at the time that these funds belong to him personally only 93 thousand rubles.

At the end of may it became known that the money seized by security forces at Zakharchenko and his family, lost 3 million euros (200 million rubles). It was reported that the audit has failed to establish that 27 APR cash one of the investigators gave to the chief of the cash-collection centre “Volgograd” of Sberbank. All the money was sealed in the box, and then from April 27 to may 2, recalculated by the staff of the collector center. Subsequently, the employees of the savings Bank confirmed the loss of the funds, without specifying, however, the amount of the shortfall.


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