Tesla Model X received an armored tuning


Tesla Model X получила бронированный тюнинг The cost of modification is 45 thousand dollars.

Mexican Centur Security has introduced an armored version of the crossover electric Tesla Model X. This car on display in one of the showrooms of “Tesla” in Mexico city.

The engineers have strengthened the design of the crossover steel and body panels used lightweight ballistic materials. Standard Windows were replaced with armor-piercing glass.

Because of this, the machine is able to protect the driver and passengers from the fire of the guns of high power, including a .44 caliber Magnum. The creators of armored electric cars claim that the car power has increased by only 250 kg.

This means that the maximum reserve decreased only by 3-5%.The transformation of the Tesla Model X electric armoured vehicle will take about 12 weeks and the customer will cost 45 thousand dollars. While the price does not include the price of the “donor” car and tax.

Tesla Model X получила бронированный тюнинг
Tesla Model X получила бронированный тюнинг


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