Tesla Model S has increased the reserve due to Typhoon “Irma”


Tesla Model S увеличили запас хода из-за урагана «Ирма»The update is automatically installed in the cars of customers living in Florida in the evacuation zone.

Due to hurricane Irma the company Tesla opened remotely access the full battery capacity to owners of S models, X60 and S60D.

This decision will help owners of electric cars to evacuate from the disaster zone.

The company Tesla has lifted restrictions on the blocking capacity of the battery for the cheaper Model and X60D Model S60 / 60D that could drive on a single charge of about 320 kilometers. Changes to the way cars were made remotely using the system software update via mobile Internet.

We will add that Model X and Model S 60D 60 / 60D was introduced in 2016, and soon discontinued.

It is noted that in the way of software upgrade increases the range of the Tesla by about 45 miles. Journalists claim that this will allow the owners of vehicles and members of their families to get away from the affected area of the hurricane. However, it is reported that this is a temporary update. It will be disabled approximately 16-17 September.


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