Tesla Model 3 set the record for “Cannonball”


Tesla Model 3 установил рекорд "Пушечного ядра"

Editor, The Drive Alex Roy and one of the first owners of the Tesla Model 3 Daniel Zorrilla set a new record for electric vehicles. They traveled from one coast to another along the route of the race “the Cannonball” (Cannonball Run) for 50 hours and 16 minutes and 23 seconds. It is reported by The Drive.

Tesla Model 3 установил рекорд "Пушечного ядра"

The previous record for the route 4603 kilometers was installed in October of 2017 — orange liftback Model 3 came all this way for 51 hours and 17 minutes. Prior to that, the best time showed the Tesla Model S 85D: in the summer of 2015 Jordan HART and Bradley D’souza took 51 hours and 47 minutes.

It is noted that the average speed of the electric vehicle during record-setting run made 91,57 kilometers per hour. Expenses on charge — 100,95 USD. While most of the time it was a cold weather.

In October 2015 Alex Roy set a record by riding the sedan Tesla Model S with the autopilot engaged from Los Angeles to new York in 57 hours and 48 minutes. The total length of the trip amounted to 4810 miles.


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