Tesla Model 3 has passed the first safety tests


Tesla Model 3 прошла первые тесты на безопасностьThe first published results of the Tesla Model 3 is very good.

The tests were conducted by the Insurance Institute for highway safety and the younger Tesla behaved very well.

Tests not yet completed, and the first published results of the Tesla Model 3 is very good. The results of the crash tests will be made public soon.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is gradually publishing the results of safety tests of cars. The organization conducts tests to prevent frontal collisions, as well as evaluating the operation of the optics.

To pass the exam on the discipline “system to prevent frontal collisions”, the car needs three times to avoid accidents at speeds of 20 km/h, and then thrice repeat the procedure at a speed of 40 km/h. In both cases, Model 3 received the highest score.

Another test, which the IIHS researchers conducted on Model 3 was the headlights. This organization strictly test the optics of the car, since the lighting directly affects the safety. Unlike the Model S, which had previously earned a “bad” rating, Model 3 received a rating of “satisfactory”.

The researchers commented on their assessment: “the middle light on a straight road the light on the left side of the road and inadequate on the right. In a corner, the lighting was good on all four tests. Distant light – the straight visibility was good on the right side of the road and enough on the left side. On a wide arc right turn the light was good, and in sharp corners and left a smooth arc is just sufficient. In General we can say that good performance of “distant light” compensate for the deficiencies of the middle.

It is likely that this test result will prevent the Model 3 to be in the top safest models on the IIHS version, but the manufacturer can easily correct this deficiency in lighting. For example, in the last software update model of main beam is automatically activated, depending on the circumstances on the road.

Tesla Model 3 прошла первые тесты на безопасность
Tesla Model 3 прошла первые тесты на безопасность


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