Tesla is preparing to release a mysterious “mini-car”


Tesla готовит к выпуску загадочный "мини-кар"Range Tesla will add a mysterious “mini-car, which squeeze and a grown man.”

It is expected that the new electric car will be something similar to the Renault Twizy. By tradition, the announcement appeared on Twitter.

The post was a response to the head of the company Ilona Mask on the user’s question about the possibility of a toy crossover Model X. As to decrypt his message, Musk did not, there have been several versions of events. Perhaps he meant a toy electric car, which can fit an adult.

But there are other versions. Presumably, we are talking about one double-low-speed apparatus such as Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, or the battery is intended for entertainment and competitions on go-cart. Tesla Model S is a toy for children 3-8 years the company Radio Flyer was released in 2016. Children’s electric car built in collaboration with Tesla. The car is equipped with a fast charging lithium battery Standard capacity 130 WH or the battery is Long Range 190 W·h Also provides the ability to hot swap the unit.

The cost of the toy Model S for $599. In addition to mini electric cars Musk announced the appearance of “old-school drive-in restaurant with roller on one of the new Supercharger stations in the County of Los Angeles”. Permission to build in Santa Monica have already received. In the future, Tesla will have its own restaurant chain.


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