Tesla has introduced a new mobile charging stations


They will be used during the holidays.

US company Tesla has revealed a new type of mobile charging stations Supercharger, which use the energy of an energy storage source Megapack.

The publication notes that earlier mobile charging station is charged from diesel generators that have become a cause for accusations from activists and environmentalists.

Tesla plans to use the charging station during the holidays. They will be installed in the place of increased traffic of cars to meet the request of the owners of electric cars.

Mobile charging stations Supercharger will use energy from storage Megapack. This is the last type of energy storage Tesla (the first two were Powerpack and Powerwall), which do not depend on generators and has a storage capacity of up to 3 MW⋅h and the inverter of 1.5 MW.

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On 27 November, Twitter users noticed a truck with batteries installed Megapack and charging stations Supercharger station at San Luis Obispo in California.


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