Terror against society


Террор против общества

The vile laws and landings on extremism that is “…and terrorism”. The Federal list of extremists and terrorists.

No one in their right mind who would fight against terrorists. That is why the state, through articles on extremism struggling with political, cultural, national and religious dissent, and put this Supplement “and terrorism”. Look at gastrula grazing in comments about the landing of young people, artists, politicians and journalists. One blank “are you against fighting terrorists?”.

Do not be surprised if tomorrow a bag of tricks will expand. And there will be a Federal list of doctors and terrorists, scholars and terrorists, journalists and terrorists, politicians and terrorists, chefs and terrorists, stove-makers and terrorists. Type, try joining a doctor — are you for the terrorists?

All articles about terrorism should be allocated in separate lists, separate things, separate methods of struggle. Any attempt to attach “terrorism” to politics is actually harming the fight against terrorism. Justifying the fight against terrorists, at the time, canceled the election of governors. Now fighting terrorists, cover up the struggle against free-thinking people.

This itself is indicative of “terrorism” and is terror against society.


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