Terrible food: in Taiwan there was ice cream in the form of a puppy


Страшная еда: в Тайване появилось мороженое в виде щенка

In restaurants in Taiwan served an unusual dessert, puppies Shar-Pei. This treat looks realistic and is available in different colors.

To obtain the similarity, the craftsmen have to work at it. During the day we can prepare up to 100 servings.

Ice cream freeze in silicone forms at a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius, so the fur looks natural. Eyes are drawn chocolate pasta right before serving dessert. The outlines of the bodies are transferred so real that it seems in front of you a real dog with the paws, tail and sad eyes, so I don’t want to hurt him.

Because of this, each visitor decides to taste an unusual dessert, though, with all the fun taking pictures of them and put the pictures in social networks. It attracts to the institution more and more customers.


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