Terrible cosmetic products, which were used in the past. Photo


Жуткие косметические средства, которыми пользовались в прошлом. ФотоThe women went on a huge risk.

Beauty “demands victims” throughout the history of mankind, and sometimes pain and suffering was not limited, and it ended with the death of beauty.

Even 10 thousand years BC people used cosmetics that contained all kinds of toxins, including lead, mercury and arsenic. A ban on this kind of cosmetics in some countries began to introduce to the mid-20th century. Let’s find out what kind of eerie how used the people to become more beautiful:

Lubricant for special occasions (oils and balms for the holidays)

Жуткие косметические средства, которыми пользовались в прошлом. Фото

Cosmetics were in great esteem among the ancient Egyptians, for 10 thousand years BC, men And women put on face makeup, using the ancient options of blush, lipstick and eyeliner. Cosmetics were used not only for aesthetic purposes; oils and creams helping to protect the skin from the sun and wind. During feasts each guest’s servants put on the head of a mound of flavoured fat, which melted and flowed in the face, providing a cooling effect.

Lead pencil for eyes

Жуткие косметические средства, которыми пользовались в прошлом. Фото

Antimony, popular in ancient times, a cosmetic substance, often used in Egyptian and Indian cultures, to emphasize the eyes and eyebrows. This mixture was made of soot, lead, and special grease. Due to the sensitivity of the skin around the eyes these ingredients are quickly absorbed into the body, which over time could lead to irritability, insomnia and reduced mental faculties.

Black teeth and white face

Жуткие косметические средства, которыми пользовались в прошлом. Фото

Traditional Japanese makeup geisha known since the 18th century. However, long before that, since the eighth century in Japan, established standards of beauty, involving the whitening of the face.

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In addition, there also existed a tradition of Ohaguro, following which, the aristocrats (mostly married women) blackened their teeth. The dye used for coloring of teeth, with long-term use could be toxic. For white people was usually made from rice flour, but sometimes there was added poultry manure to achieve even lighter tone.

White lead for the face

Жуткие косметические средства, которыми пользовались в прошлом. Фото

In Ancient Greece, pale face was considered beautiful and women, to achieve this effect, have covered their faces in white lead. Ceruse ate into the skin, but women have used them again and again to hide the resulting stains. White lead can also cause infertility and insanity. The ancient Romans eventually took over this cosmetic custom, but added to the composition of white red lead, to get the effect of pink glitter.

The mask of youth

Жуткие косметические средства, которыми пользовались в прошлом. Фото

Makeup of white lead gained new popularity in the 16th century. Queen Elizabeth I was famous for his “Mask of youth” is unusually white complexion. Some women even applied egg white on the skin, to give your skin the desired paleness. White skin was a symbol of the upper class because people from the lower strata of society work under the open sky, the complexion was more swarthy.

Oily hair

Жуткие косметические средства, которыми пользовались в прошлом. Фото

This fashion was widespread in the 18th century. Women of those times, for example, the French Queen Marie Antoinette, was known for incredibly high hair to form which is often used wood and wire fixtures. Women often used the fat to keep the shape of hair for a long time and not washed his head. Some women were forced to wear the head cage to protect your hair from the rats, attracted by the smell of bacon.

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Anti-aging cream

Жуткие косметические средства, которыми пользовались в прошлом. Фото

Look old or die young? This choice stood in front of the women when using anti-aging whitening cream “Blooming youth” from Laird. Cream, which was sold as “delightful harmless medication for skin care”, actually contain acetate of lead and carbonate. In 1869 the American medical Association even published a study on the side effect of the cream. There were observed symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, nausea, headaches, muscle atrophy, and even paralysis. Alternative to “Blooming youth” was not much better – a tablet with a content of arsenic.

The killer eyelashes

Жуткие косметические средства, которыми пользовались в прошлом. Фото

Some women in the early 20th century used voluminous mascara. Other used LashLure, deadly paint for eyebrows and eyelashes. The main ingredient LashLure was toxic coal tar. This cosmetic product caused, at least 16 cases of blindness and one death before 1940, the FDA food and drug administration withdrew it from the shelves.

Mercury ointment for freckles

Жуткие косметические средства, которыми пользовались в прошлом. Фото

At the beginning of the 20th century fashionista declared war on the freckles, which the cosmetic industry has offered a new “miracle remedy”.

Researchers believe that this box of ointment of freckles Dr. berry belongs to the famous pilot Amelia Earht. Such preparations contain from 10 to 15 percent of mercury. Only 40-th years of the last century, the Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines has restricted the mercury content of products up to 5 % and completely banned its use only in the 70-ies.

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