Tens of thousands of citizens do not want to pay property tax


Десятки тысяч граждан не хотят платить налог на недвижимость

The owners asked the Federal registration service to revise the cadastral value of almost 60 thousand objects of real estate

Until December 1 all property owners must pay the tax on it. But it seems that in this year of late payments will be much greater than usual. As have informed “news” in the Russian state register, the number of applications on challenging cadastral value of real estate in the first nine months of 2016 rose more than 1.5 times compared to the same period in 2015. The reason — the imperfection of the current system of cadastral valuation. People are not willing to pay a new property tax that was assessed, in their view, incorrect. And go to challenge the value of your property as the Federal service for state registration, and in the courts.

Commission in the examination work this year with the increased load. Recall that from 2016 the tax on property of physical persons is calculated under the new rules. Authorities 28 constituent entities of the Russian Federation adopted a decision on the application from 1 January 2015 the cadastral value of real estate as a tax base. Its introduction will be gradual — 20% per year, and by 2020, we will pay full real estate tax calculated on the cadastral valuation close to market value, and not on the assessment of BTI, as it was before.

Then the people reached the state registry and the courts to challenge the value of their property, which is often too high. As reported in Department, all in Commission at the Federal registration service for the first nine months of 2016 received more than 29 thousand applications for review of results of determination of cadastral cost in relation to 59.9 per thousand (87% is land).

The decision on the revision of the cadastral value taken in relation to 46.9% of applicants. And the total amount of the cadastral value of real estate after contesting in commissions decreased by 28.5%, or 595 billion.

But with the new year we are waiting for another innovation — in July 2016, the President of Russia signed the Federal law “On state cadastral evaluation”. Its main provisions will come into force from 1 January 2017.

The new law provides for the introduction of Institute of cadastral surveyors and the transfer of powers on determination of cadastral cost of the state budget institutions (SFI), which will be on an ongoing basis to determine the cadastral value of the property. Responsibility for the work of the state structures to conduct cadastral valuation will be assigned to the regional authorities.

Thus, the cadastral assessment will be conducted using the same methodology throughout Russia. The introduction of a new mechanism for the implementation of cadastral assessment are aimed at preventing the occurrence of errors and, consequently, to reduce the number of appeals for reconsideration of its value, explained in a press-service of Rosreestr. — The new law retains the possibility of challenging the cadastral value in the Commission or in court.

Parallel to the changing requirements for independent appraisers.

— Appraisers now have to take exams for advanced training every three years. It is the requirements of the legislation on estimated activity. In addition, there were requirements for the Ministry of labor about the standard of professionals appraisal activities. There were 27 qualifications of appraisers, — told “Izvestia” CEO of Berkshire Advisory Group Irina Vishnevskaya. For this purpose the centres of competency, which develop these sets of assessment tools for appraisers. Question — why do we need this profstandart.

According to Irina Vishnevskaya, except additional changes to the personnel documents of appraisers and additional costs to the regular exams, it does nothing. The cost of exams are borne by the appraiser. To work they must be hired with a certificate confirming their qualification. No matter, he is the appraiser of real estate or vehicles. Despite the fact that certification as this would be voluntary, the evaluation community does not doubt that it will soon become the clients for the evaluation to have a staff of appraisers such qualifications.

— All of that with the professional training and certification was initially directed to clean up the market from unscrupulous appraisers. It was assumed that this would be a kind of entry into the profession, explains Vishnevskaya. — Not every graduate of the financial University could assess “Gazprom” or “Rosneft”. There should be a threshold for entry into the profession.

According to the forecast of Irina Vishnevskaya, such requirements will lead to the fact that the market of appraisers is significantly reduced. If now the entire country has 14-20 thousand appraisers following introduction of the new requirements may remain around 1.5–2 thousand people. That, in turn, will increase the cost of their services.

On the one hand, the market shrinks and the demand for assessment services is declining. On the other hand, only 30% of professionals will be able to pass a qualifying exam. Therefore, in any case of professional valuers will be much less. In the end, the final consumer will have to pay more for the service, — said Irina Vishnevskaya. — There is another point which has caused a negative reaction in the professional community of evaluators. Requirements for real estate appraisers who will work in SBI, much softer than the requirements for independent appraisers. By law each state must have a professional appraiser with experience of at least three years. In this case to the independent requirements is very hard. So there are concerns that the quality of work of employees of SBI will be significantly worse than professional appraisers, which now so many claims.


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