Ten years later


Десять лет спустя

Our profession suggests that from time to time you’re going to get into stupid situations. I work for a long time, idiotic situations were many, but still there was nothing stupid happened exactly 10 years ago. I decided to play prophet once and for all to explain. Therefore, said with an exclamation point: “no War!”. And in the morning began the war between Russia and Georgia.
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I always give this example when I pass his rich experience to the younger generation as an illustration: do not try to seem smarter than you really are and give forecasts that what you do not understand.

In my defense, I said back then that the war with Georgia was an insane idea. This war wasn’t beneficial, except the separatists from South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Ten years later they remain a gray area on the map and, except for Russia, they recognize only a marginal tropical Islands and other such friends of our country.

South Ossetia and Abkhazia in fact become part of Russia and is completely independent from it. What happened in August 2008, began an unannounced dress rehearsal of Crimea and Donbas. But with important differences.

In 2008, the West did not understand that this war is not accidental. Let the wine Saakashvili in her was hardly less than the fault of Putin and Medvedev, but in the world to attack on Georgia reacted just as unpleasant incident and pretended that nothing happened. When Russia will take the Crimea, the West clutched his head, going to make noise and to impose sanctions, but it will be too late.

And if in 2008 Russia decided not to formally annexing two Georgian provinces, in 2014, one shy had left. The Russian-Georgian war became the first European war of the new century and Millennium. Now in fact, there is another – and again on the border of our country.

Relations with Ukraine is ruined, I’m afraid, for years, for decades. Relations with Georgia is not that recovered, but became hostile, just neutral. We are not friends, but at least not bitter enemies.

The army commanders a decade ago lived those years differently. Medvedev infamously returned to the armchair in the Kremlin, Putin, turned into a meme, a mockery, “Dimona” and the person who has to announce to the people the nastiest things, like raising the retirement age.

Saakashvili did not stick at home, his reforms did not like the Georgians remaining in the soul of the Soviet people. In Ukraine, the clowns found their own, except for Mikhail. But the main lesson of those events is simple: former Soviet republics become further and further away from Russia. And the more she tries to stick them, the more they are repelled from Russia. 10 years ago we crossed the line beyond which our common past and so forever remain.


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