Ten reasons to once again soak in the hot tub


Десять причин лишний раз понежиться в горячей ванной This hobby brings not only pleasure but also benefits.

In some cases this is exactly what the doctor ordered. We have collected the top 10 undeniable evidence of the use of baths for body and soul.

Burns calories

The adoption of a warm bath for one hour can burn 126 calories. This is equivalent to 30 minutes walk.

Good for the heart

Bath with cool water improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and has a positive effect on the heart. Similar benefits for the heart bring proper nutrition, including plenty of fruits and vegetables, and regular sport.

Lowers blood sugar

The researchers compared the Cycling and hot bath and found that they are almost equally well reduce the level of blood sugar. Bath even better!

Makes you beautiful

A hot bath opens the pores, makes us sweat and naturally cleanse the skin and body that is comparable in effect with the jog. If you combine water treatments with beneficial for skin masks and oils, you can achieve a stunning effect.

Eliminates muscle pain

When the pain in muscles and joints real salvation may become not only a massage, but a bath. Professional athletes are added to the water magnesia (Epsom salts) to recover quickly after a workout.

Prolongs youth

Bath with cool water reduces the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that contributes to premature aging, and helps fight chronic fatigue syndrome. Such same effect as a session of meditation.

Normalizes digestion

Sitz bath with cool water is beneficial for our digestion, as milk products. It improves work of intestines, promotes separation of gas. To take such a bath should be 2 hours after eating.

Improves sleep

People suffering from insomnia, you know that a glass of warm milk in the evening helps to relax and fall asleep faster. Doctors have shown to improve sleep helps and bathing. Bathing in hot water in the evening, promotes rapid sleep and brisk awakening.


The study showed that taking a hot bath calms the nervous system, helps to get rid of feelings of loneliness. If you add water essential oils (lavender, orange, bergamot), can improve your mood and feel the taste of life. A similar effect is chocolate, but a bath for the shape useful.

Bath is just fun

Bath is a place where you can hide from everyone and allow yourself to do what you want: to light candles, drink champagne, listen to music, dive into Zen, watch as the bomb explodes and salt, and put rubber ducks.

Compared to this, the shower has only one advantage: water saving. But is it a good reason for true fans to swim?


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