Ten major causes of hypertension


Десять основных причин возникновения гипертонической болезниThe doctors outlined the reasons for which a person may become hypertensive.

Hypertension is a rather common disease that does not have age restrictions, that is to suffer from high blood pressure as older people and young people.

Hypertension is dangerous because when a sharp jump upward pressure may occur hypertensive crisis, angina, heart attack, stroke and other dangerous consequences. It should regularly monitor the blood pressure of people who fall into the basic group of risk of development of hypertension.

Ten main causes of hypertension doctors include:

– overweight and obesity;

– a sedentary lifestyle;

– bad heredity, that is, if a person’s parents and close relatives have suffered from high blood pressure;

– alcohol;

malnutrition and a predominance of fatty and high-calorie foods in the diet;

– Smoking;

– beriberi;

– renal dysfunction;

– elderly age;

– excessive consumption of salt and salty foods.

All these factors will sooner or later lead to hypertension. But there are other reasons, which are little known and they belong to psychosomatic disorders and psycho-emotional factors. There are several basic predecessors persistent high blood pressure:

– anxiety in the chest, bordering on tachycardia;

– anger and irritability, sometimes aggressive attitude;

– hysterical behaviour;

– depressed state due to stress and conflicts with others;

– lack of free time and chronic fatigue.

Doctors say that each of us is capable to resist to diseases such as hypertension. You just need to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, time to be tested, to learn to deal with emotions during times of stress and to live happily, no matter what. Of course, for many it will be hard but worth a try, because at stake is your own health and life.


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