Ten amazing metro stations, museums



Famous artists, architects and designers worked on the platforms and passages of the subway in Naples, Stockholm, Kiev and in Moscow, to create small masterpieces on the planet Earth. But, like any treasure, they are hidden under the ground.

Station Toledo (Naples)

This is quite a futuristic station, opened in 2002, is a creation of Catalan architect Oscar Tusquets, an old friend of Salvador Dali. The artwork was created from small pieces of blue and white mosaic, which symbolize the ascension to the seventh heaven… by the escalators!

Десять восхитительных станций метро, как музеи

The Station Is T — Centralen (Stockholm)

The station is located at a depth of 34 meters below ground, carved into the rock and covered with concrete after, one half blue and the other painted with frescoes, a similar station to this cave. It is located in the Norrmalm, the area between sergels Torg and the street of Vasagatan and is connected directly to the Central station of Stockholm.

Десять восхитительных станций метро, как музеи

Mayakovskaya (Moscow)

This station of the Zamoskvoretskaya line of the Moscow metro, opened in 1938, named after Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. The arch of the ceiling is tastefully decorated with hammer and sickle, while the pillars are covered with steel. Without a doubt, the favorite station of the Muscovites.

Десять восхитительных станций метро, как музеи

Station Marienplatz (Munich)

Updated in 2006. The station Marienplatz in Munich is an optional stop Deutsche Bahn and one of the most important metro stations of the Bavarian town. It is hard to imagine that this tunnel is… the subway!

Десять восхитительных станций метро, как музеи

Station Formosa Boulevard (Taiwan)

This magnificent metro station in Kaohsiung, opened in September 2008, is the most magnificent structure of glass in the world. “Dome of light” (dome Light) by Italian artist Narcissus of Kwalata consists of 4500 glass panels. This set shows the history of human life through the prism of the four elements: Earth, Water, Light and Fire.

Десять восхитительных станций метро, как музеи

Sightseeing tunnel Gang (Shanghai)

Not quite a traditional subway, but worth it to look at it! The rhythms of house music, tourists in a hurry to sit in the booth to enjoy the unique view of light rays and color play of different genres.

Десять восхитительных станций метро, как музеи

Avtovo (Saint Petersburg)

Avtovo station is located on line 1 of Saint Petersburg metro. Upon entering the building in the neoclassical style, from the dome and stucco ornament which you will lose your breath, you will find yourself on the platform, as if lit by chandeliers from the castle… Not in a hurry to go in the car!

Десять восхитительных станций метро, как музеи

Olaias Station (Lisbon)

Alias — station of the red line of the metro of Lisbon. For those who love stained glass and bright paint, designer installation on the ceiling from Portuguese artists will fill you with life-giving light.

Десять восхитительных станций метро, как музеи

Station Golden gate (Kiev)

Marble floors, chandeliers with bulbs shaped like candles, all in white polished marble… really amazing!

Десять восхитительных станций метро, как музеи

Drassanes Station (Barcelona)

This magnificent station with futuristic lines is a work of two Spanish architects Eduardo gutiérrez of Munne and Jordi fernández río, the founder of the Studio ON-A Arquitectura. Seems like you are in one of the episodes of Star Wars.


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