Telescope FAST started to search for exoplanets


China will help search for life beyond Earth better and more accurately with the help of the radio telescope FAST.

China January 11, officially launched the largest radio telescope in the world called Sky Eye, or FAST. It will be used for space research and will help to look for extraterrestrial life, reports the official news Agency Xinhua, reports the with reference for Today.

FAST has the size of 30 football fields, or 500 meters in diameter, making it the largest radio telescope with a filled aperture. Telescope FAST uses a fixed main reflector, placed in a natural karst depression that reflects radio waves onto a receiver suspended at a height of 140 meters.

The construction of the facility was completed in 2016 and since then has been tested. Last weekend, the telescope has received national authorization for commissioning. According to chief project engineer Jiang Peng, the sensitivity of Sky Eye at least 2.5 times higher than any other in the world.

During the test work the project has also received some valuable scientific data. For example, in 2019 FAST has detected mysterious radio signals allegedly received from a source at a distance of about 3 billion light years from Earth. During August and September, the telescope discovered over 100 fast radio bursts (FRB). In the future the project will help to shed light on the detection of low frequency gravitational waves and interstellar molecules in the next 3-5 years.


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