Teleportation of an unknown object in the sky caught on video


Телепортация неизвестного объекта в небе попала на видео In Sweden got teleported UFO.

The strange behavior of the lights in the darkening evening sky over the city of Strängnäs attracted the attention of the Swedes, why soon the entry in this anomalous phenomenon appeared on the Internet.

A group of UFO appeared in the sky, as if from nowhere and also disappeared after some time. Ufologists, who studied the entry showing this “miracle”, came to the conclusion that, most likely, it was a spacecraft of the aliens that teleported from another dimension – and there is some time left.

It remains a mystery why they appear in our world, and in such a short moment? However, time is a relative concept, and maybe the aliens can control it, why it is enough “moments” to accomplish some task, which in the moment seems to be only us.

Skeptics, of course, have their own view on what is happening. According to them, it was just some experiments of the military.

Neither in that, nor in other case, we know the truth still can not retort on that independent researchers note, however, that we live in difficult times, on the eve of some Grand planetary changes or catastrophes. Therefore, the appearance of UFOs, which agree that it was just a lot, it seems much more plausible phenomenon of our life than the trials of war.


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