Telegram is officially translated into Russian language


The messenger Telegram Pavel Durov, Creator of Vkontakte, today received the update that users have been waiting for more than one year. The app is finally translated into Russian language and also added the Ukrainian localization, although it was only with an English interface.

The update brought in a Telegram of support and other languages, including Malay, to which no one cares. Note that the ability to transfer Telegram to Russian was before, but only after downloading the appropriate lang pack, but now it’s sewn into the program and are available in the settings menu. Also messenger updated media player, which became, according to official data, several times easier, plus there will be “live” label location, a kind of analog FourSquare, here called Live Locations. The service works in real time.

In General, changes in the Telegram quite a lot, but they are more of a technical than of a practical character – basically it’s the same messenger with advanced features group communication, and it is still available in Russia under iOS and Android, although the clouds are gathering over him – constantly Roskomnadzor has threatened to block it.


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