Telegram has become more popular than Viber


Telegram стал популярнее, чем Viber Telegram Viber for the first time surpassed the amount of traffic.

Such data results in the mobile operator Yota, which has carried out a study of the popularity of mobile messengers during trips abroad.

Last year, the operator offered users unlimited access to instant messengers abroad. Receiving and sending text messages work even with a zero balance and this option is enabled, Internet traffic. However the multimedia content in such a situation is impossible. In order to share pictures from vacation, still have to activate the package of Internet traffic.

The most popular messengers available to subscribers Yota began roaming WhatsApp and Telegram. On WhatsApp had 60% of the total traffic. Telegram came in second place with a score of 15%. It is followed by Viber (12%), iMessage (9%) and Facebook Messenger (4%).

“We expect that the proposed service will be popular among our users. In the first two months after launch the number of customers who have used the messengers abroad with zero balance, increased by fifteen percent,” said operations Director Yota Vladimir Dobrynin.

Roaming with Yota is available in 229 countries of the world, in 56 countries, the mobile Internet can be used in LTE networks.

In General, the consumption of messaging among users of Yota is distributed thus: the most popular messaging app remains WhatsApp, use this application to communicate 45% of users. Second place goes to Viber to 28%, followed by Skype (15%), Telegram (8%) and Facebook Messenger (4%).


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