Technology in the Soviet Union


Технологии в СССР

Технологии в СССР


Photo: Moscow. 95 quarter. Pub. 1975 / source: pastvu by Otrada


You know, like in the Soviet Union made the wine? Says the veteran: “From imported juice did the red wine. The juice is allowed to stand with water, there was added sugar, different essences, and then – and alcohol to a certain percentage. Good wine is made!” Sure thing – good! We could do without imported juice do. Just water and alcohol. Great Soviet red wine! The Soviet GOST – the GOST healthy!

Технологии в СССР

About wine, I think it’s Maria Feodorovna “fruit” recalls. I remember in 1979, the pioneer camp of the KGB under Berdyansk we were sent to the farm for the whole day to collect the apples. To collect, of course, we had good apples. But we were competition – any unit more boxes you collect, the tea gets sweet cake. Well, we were running like mad. And one pioneer of the unit to increase the number of boxes picked up from the ground all sorts of half-rotten apples – if only to fill the box. Well, his ass and gave him a severe reprimand, saying that now will make all the drawers to sort out the rot. What pioneer has dismissed the phrase: “what’s the difference? Alcoholics still drink”.

The pioneer sril the root. And then of those apples really drove the juice, which was delivered to Maryam Fedorovna that did this the Soviet polegnala delicious wine.

And then the wine poured at Breweries, something like what I described about his work on the Ochakov winery in 1984.

And, of course, a lack of real memories of the proletariat of the USSR. Which would be here as well as Maria Feodorovna Gyngazova talked about the tricks of Soviet technology. Well, there is, for example, how the items brought to mind by bastard a file, or both for execution and fulfillment of the plan, saving at speed operations, furniture Assembly screws are not screwed into, and hammered with a hammer. There was know-how the Soviet engineers. It would be interesting those memories to listen to.


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