Teammate Zinchenko was expelled from England because of the scandal


It will be fined.

Defender “Manchester city” Tottenham Hotspur’s Kyle Walker will no longer be called to the national team of England because of the recent scandal with his participation. Football player caught in a scandal, when called upon to abide by the quarantine, and he was partying with prostitutes at home, reports the with reference for Today.

It was reported that Walker and his friend invited two girls home of easy virtue – 21-year-old British student Louise McNamara and 24-year-old Brazilian. Girls held in the home of football for three hours and earned 2.2 thousand pounds.

Later footballer apologized for his actions, but it did not save him from a huge fine. As we wrote, “Manchester city” will Walker fined 250 thousand pounds (283 thousand euros). Kyle’s weekly salary is about 110 thousand pounds (124 million euros).

And now the sanctions available to the player put forward the main England coach Gareth Southgate was unhappy with the behavior of the player and is never going to call him to the team. Walker has played for England 48 games.


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