Team Grudinina quite able to make Russia a semblance of present-day Ukraine


Team Grudinina quite able to make Russia a semblance of present-day Ukraine” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”>Команда Грудинина вполне способна сделать из России подобие нынешней Украины

Команда Грудинина вполне способна сделать из России подобие нынешней Украины
Started to listen to the speech Grudinina at a certain meeting of the “patriots.” Has not passed and the moment of a monologue of the candidate in presidents at once became as-that not on itself.

Why? The fact that people do not understand how is management.

Understand that you will hear angry cues, they say, and you know yourself? Yes, Grudinin, which closed joint-stock company created and trampled under him!!!

Replica is correct, but only partly. They are right at the level of the command-administrative method, which for enterprises with the number of three hundred people may well be sufficient.

What is this method? You’re the boss. Choose their deputies, Savoldelli, give them instructions that they along with their staff perform. If you’re a monopolist and have an unlimited market, for example, strawberries, where the market is a billion – dollar rich Moscow, this is command-administrative method, in principle, can steer your ZAO long enough.

Another thing, when the scale of the managed unit other, more than a couple hundred people. And you have, besides, there is no monopoly on your products, nor the majority in the Board of governors; in short – you run in conditions far from the greenhouse-strawberry. Plus economies of scale when the complexity of the control increases quite disproportionately to the size of the managed object…

In such circumstances, only one command-administrative methods of management will not allow you to achieve your goals. However, many do not want to understand, because I believe that it is enough to sit in the chair in the office, the door of which is attached to the plate “Big Boss”, and things will go by themselves – just give orders.

Unfortunately, this widespread misconception has brought not a single big boss. Practice – criterion of truth. And examples of such incapacity pure command method, in the history of the pond-pond.

However, not far to seek. Let’s remember the failed attempt of the early Putin to nationalize the Bank. The newly made President issued absolutely necessary for the country decree, however, not reached its goal, and got into a lot of trouble, including the death of the “Kursk”. The decree was presbetyrian, and the Central Bank is still working to the West.

We may recall the seemingly all-powerful Stalin, who, however, failed to enforce its policy on the appointment of Ponomarenko Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers. All documents were issued and signed, but the appointment did not happen.

You can also recall and adaptirovano the direction of Lenin that the salary of heads of the enterprises shall not exceed the industry average.

These examples show us that one of the command-administrative methods of governing the country is clearly not enough.

However, the candidate Grudinina this question, it seems, are not worried. Contender for the top managerial post in Russia unequivocally stated that the country will recover, if he, the President, will appoint to Ministerial posts of professionals.

Such a statement is tantamount to publishing a very good decrees. After all, good decrees are issued by professionals, isn’t it?!! Only practice shows that additional decrees Putin, Stalin, Lenin successfully sabotaged the bureaucratic body.

So, it’s not just the quality and the fact decrees. There are still some moments, without considering which to carry out quality control is impossible.

Indeed, competent to issue a decree, an order, the order is not even half the battle. It’s a few percent success only. The social environment should be adequate to decrees and their execution need to be monitored.

And how to do it in practice? When all power structures voluntarily or not, cooperating with numerous, often – hostile NGOs? Starting with PricewaterhouseCoopers and ending with the HSE? And all of these NGOs are present at all levels of authority, from Federal through regional to local.

Have Grudinina or Zyuganov – the same powerful contacts and connections with the security services, like Putin or Stalin? You seriously think that the security forces and intelligence agencies will meekly obey all orders and instructions of the President or Grudinina prezidentshi Sobchak?

Even if released from the bowels of the KGB-FSB Putin regularly dismisses disobedient or mischievous, and sometimes seen in the betrayal or greed of the generals of the armed forces or intelligence services, who will be someone to manage, Grudinin come to power? He, the President, security forces and intelligence agencies, or do they them, and in selfish or purely departmental interests, not considering the needs of the country?

Have Grudinina or Bulk there are methods of influence on these or other senior personnel? Conditional Medvedev or Rogozin? How Grudinin can force officials to at least partially work in the interests of the country? Officials, most of whom have interests and property in the West? He that, all will change immediately? And what will replace??? We do not have many experienced managers to immediately replace all current, just NO.

And the enemy of NGOs, their, like, too soon to drive? And they dutifully give that a considerable share of power, which already possess? But ordinary people need a massive phone and real terrorism, which will unfold after the expulsion? You are not afraid to completely destabilize society? Here you are not Israel – not the scale…

Putin persistently and methodically, but at the same time very carefully and accurately, using the international situation, banishes from the country’s most notorious NGO. Be careful, because it understands, what could be the consequences in the event of sudden movements. And you want all at once??!

Ie to manage any open information flows; available in a variety of “non-governmental” intervention in the Affairs of the countries of the region; riddled with the treacherous bureaucracy of the country you wish to place a man who knows only how to manage three hundred people, using lies and command-administrative method? Have you ever heard that well-intentioned road to hell is paved with, never heard of it?

In addition to purely structural, the address-command method, there is structureless control method. It involves not only the purpose but also a thorough analysis of the environment, in which there will be management, that the correct management concepts, calculation stability, etc.

All this Grudinina and psevdokommunisticheskie company is completely absent. The state of the environment (social, technological, educational, etc.) environment in General is not described in the programme not taken into account. Which inevitably will lead to the rapid failure of management.

Here you try to reach your goal in inappropriate for this environment. For example, ask at a meeting of the workers ‘ Union to increase wages for the Directorate – your comrades will support you, right?

The state of mind of officials is one of the components of the environment. You how to manage you? About this is there a syllable in the program Grudinina? No Panamera. The only thing about this is said, everyone needs to be honest. Again, good intentions…

In General, the program is purely populist, down to the almost obvious requests for support to the electorate-the residents of Moscow apartment buildings. Already this is an indicator of incompetence of the drafters as a statesmen, but a sign of high skill as political strategists.

Policy document why is the software that it contains common and the main guidelines for future policy, instead of sinking to the level of the village or the courtyard. The problem of residents of the Moscow high-rise buildings have to be there implicitly, i.e., its solution must be the result of a more meaningful action on a national scale.

Are in the program, of course, positive aspects, like the nationalization of natural resources, but the main and critical flaw is its incompleteness. Criminal incompleteness, indicating ignorance of how to manage such a complex supersystem as Russia.

But even in this incomplete (and hence inefficient) program is already a cursory view of the striking apparently contradictory provisions.

Compare for yourself.

On the one hand, the subjects of the Federation have promised to give up rights (Hey, the Siberian and the far Eastern Republic!).

10. Federalism. Return to the subjects of the Federation full rights to independent (within a single constitutional requirements) the formation of our system of government, powers and tax sources of Finance, without coercion to a massive appeal to the “center” for help.

On the other, the fullness of the economic and financial policy is supposed to give the Center.

14. Sovereign state – oriented national economic regulation.Economic regulators – only the state authorities. There are no “institutions with special status,” “self-regulatory organizations”, etc.

Sovereign financial system under the control of a responsible Central Bank as a public authority that is inscribed in the system of Executive power and focus on the implementation of the state strategy of economic development.

There is a clear potential conflict, when each party will be based on this document in its own right. Just won’t agree with such contradictory texts.

That’s what sad reflections and insights – gross incompetence Grudinina and his team in the management – led one of the first phrases of the “Communist” candidate of the capitalist.

People, be vigilant! Don’t let yourself be lulled by the sweet words eloquent talkers who promise you everything good and nothing bad. A good, all at once.

Remember, the process of governance and management in harsh conditions of information transparency and openness of any kind of borders (geographic, cultural, moral, etc.); in the presence of all levels of authority hostile to the people NGOs and the HSE; in complex international environment, – competent management subject to a high professional.

We can’t trust the fate of the country to the first owner of the company. The stakes are too high – and this is the life and fate of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to be entrusted with the populists, declaring a lot of good intentions without any real basis, allowing those intentions to implement.


R. S. Willing to risk and to maintain the capitalist-Communist can advise only one thing: to look at the current state of Ukraine, where exactly the same populists have prompted people to vote for everything good and against everything bad.

You, sincere patriots of Russia, want the same outcome for Russia?

I don’t!!!


R.R. S. But as a symbolic look Grudinin and Boldyrev! Here, truly, without end a decade ebnu and the Family of minions Boldyrev no significant transformation of Russia in present conditions is impossible! Really, as a member of the MDG, which aims to split Russia into several dozen pseudo-States…

Forward, the patriots, again on Yeltsin’s mistake! Leaping, darling, ride…

Only then do not say you “were not warned”. None of your excuses will not help collect Russia…

S. Y. Seals


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