Teachers with the habits of the guards


Педагоги с повадками надзирателей

Guilty of aggression and violence is not the Internet and blue whales, and teachers with the habits of the guards. It was not so much recently because there’s nothing else we’ve seen and the concept of personal freedom was limited. Now they are not limited. The teacher often is not for students authority. And the more such a teacher, who teaches them morals. In the Internet age, a student may be even smarter than the teachers.

Now in prisons there are riots, if the guards overreact. Exactly the same story in the schools. A riot may be different — from drugs to direct the stabbing. Or all together. Yes, there are parents, but they with the habits of the guards even more often than teachers. And here’s the result.

Children should be friends. The most important thing. Not security in schools to reinforce these peasants will not save anything and be friends with children. The child must run to school because there are friends, including among teachers. If not, he runs into dubious groups in social networks, because friends are there.


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