Taylor swift told about the conflict with Kanye West


Five years later, the star broke the silence and told reporters that actually happened between her and the rapper.

The feud between Kanye West and Taylor swift has long been the Premier event in show business. Still Kim Kardashian sends singer gifts with Haight. Celebrity feud began back in 2009 when Kanye took to the stage of the VMA awards and took Taylor the award for “Best video”, arguing that beyoncĂ© deserved it more, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to showdream.org.

After the rapper released the song Famous, which called her a bitch and said he “it is time to sleep with her”. Taylor was outraged, but in 2016, Kim has published a telephone conversation where the singer allegedly gave consent to use her name in the song. In his personal blog swift then wrote that he wants to end his relationship with Kanye and his family.

Recently, the singer gave an interview with Rolling Stone, and finally commented on his conflict with the rapper. According to celebrity, Kanye has long abused her, and the song the rapper was the last straw. Even in 2015, after the scandal with the award for “Best video” rapper called Taylor to make contact, but again shamed her:

I started to feel that we once again converged. At that time the only thing I wanted was his approval and respect. A week before the VMA 2015 he called me. We talked for about a half hour. He said, “I really want you handed me the award, it would mean a lot to me.” Even then, I tensed, why is he so cute talking to me. And at the same time I was shocked.

I have written for him speech, and when he came out on stage and said it, he shouted for the whole room, “MTV has invited Taylor swift to present me with an award, in order to increase ratings!” I stood arm in arm with his wife, and in my body ran cold. I realized that this two-faced Kanye. He communicates with me cute behind the scenes, and then touches me in public to look cool.”

The singer also noted that do was not against the rapper used her name in his song. However, on one condition: that Kanye was supposed to show the song artist in front of the exit. And the agreement he broke.


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