Tatyana Kotova has indulged fans of racy photos


The ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” teased men the new the social network.

Tatyana Kotova shared a racy photo on social network and signed her motivational words: “a Wonderful evening, all of us or good morning, or a bright happy day! Because nothing and no one can make our mood different, yet we do not want this. Nothing and nobody can affect us if there’s Love inside. We can Live and be Happy! Life is every moment gives us the opportunity to Act! Gives you the opportunity to live, to Grow, to Improve! Do we see this opportunity? Appreciate it?! Only we are responsible for everything that happens to us and around us! You just have to act! To rise and act, to all of us!”.

In this picture the singer is captured in beautiful underwear and a Cape, specially opened so that the breast of Tatiana and her fragile shoulders were in plain sight. Men, and women, too, some of the followers Kotova in awe of this photo.

Almost 11 thousand users Instagram clicked on the little heart under Frank the Tanya Kotova than demonstrated their charm of her appearance.


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