Tatarstan youth will protect from the Internet


Татарстанскую молодежь защитят от интернета

The government of Tatarstan approved the plan of measures for ensuring information security of children in the media in 2017-2019.

The corresponding document was signed by Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin, writes “Kommersant”.

In activities under the plan will participate in the regional Ministry, the Agency for press and mass communications “Tatmedia”, Ministry of interior in Tatarstan, the office of Rospotrebnadzor and Roskomnadzor, Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan, Kazan Federal University, the Prosecutor’s office. Control over the execution of the order, the government assigned Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Vasil Shayhraziev.

Schools organize “parent education” for “information security” for “raising the level of literacy of the parents.” For students will introduce an annual “single lesson of safety in the Internet”, and life safety section to include “activities aimed at improving information security in the Internet of children and their parents.” In addition, the libraries of the Republic will be held theme weeks “without Internet addiction”, book exhibition “Will personally communicate!”, “If you were “in the web” and will be releasing special instructions, booklets, leaflets.

Its aim, the Cabinet of Tatarstan sees “improving the spiritual-moral culture” of young people (under 23 years), forming of “positive pictures and adequate basis prestavlenie about the world and man,” skills “independent and responsible consumption of information products”.

Police and prosecutors will strengthen the work on identifying and blocking harmful information, the account will be put moderators of groups in social networks, where such information was located. For information security will be monitored by specially trained representatives of the “cybertwin”. Journalists will explain how not to promote a “cult of violence and cruelty, pornography, extremist activities, the consumption of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances”.

Tatarstan also plans to apply to Federal tightening of existing legislation, proposing to make “games, toys, monsters, Souvenirs and accessories with the negative symbolic-cognitive attributes” in the list of types of information harmful to health and development of children. And the Republic wants to improve the current procedure of “blocking negative content.”


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