Talented Konstantin Kondakov is at large again: “Forex guru” and “Investor” has cleared the path to pastures


Sometimes the deepest holes are meant to provide the precious gems. Such is Melitopol, a small sleepy provincial town in Ukraine which truly produced a rich harvest of “business” talents. One of it is infamous self proclaimed “Forex guru” and investor Konstantin Kondakov. After the collapse of the Ponzi-schemed MMCIS investment fraud Mr.Kondakov has managed to buy some court decisions. Those court hearings were held in the most corrupt courts at the face of our planet. And they are prohibiting to name Konstantin Kondakov as a founder of MMCIS. After several years spent in Monaco (with money not-stolen-from-MMCIS), he is finally home in Ukraine. What is the purpose of the coming back? Does love drive him to the Motherland?

Who is Konstantin Kondakov

Konstantin Kondakov was one of the Forex traders. While trading currencies back to the good old days Kondakov has known that it is absolutely futile. And thus the best way to trade Forex is to take money from investors, and get lost. Profit! Did you remember that Konstantin Kondakov is not founder of the collapsed MMCIS, right?

Also Konstantin Kondakov and his childhood friend Volkov have organized a fake IT-studio, made an IPO on Ukrainian Exchange (daily volume of it is severely inferior to one of medium mall in Bangkok), and wash traded it’s shares to the moon. Although wash trade is criminally prosecuted in the world Ukrainan exchange only made a de-listing of their company. Anyway there was no big buck made on the shares, because no one wanted to purchase them.

After it Konstantin Kondakov managed to escape to Monaco and made an attempt to bank on then red hot topic of messengers. They assembled their Deftalk from open source protocols and promoted as ‘most secure’. It was also a failure: investors have been fed up with messenger wars and nobody wanted to put money in yet another. Europe has been proved to be extremely low on fools – and rich on the financial regulations.

Somehow Kondakov missed out a crypto craze. Maybe he grows old and heavy? We don’t think so, especially in the light of UAHPAY affair. UAHPAY was a total success – investors in the “Ukrainian digital assets” gave $10 million USD for a fake coins. But is wasn’t Konstantin Kondakov ‘success’ as far as we know.

There is always interesting to investigate activities of such talented in his own way people. We will keep a close eye on the Konstantin Kondakov activities. More to come.


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