Take the example of elite


Берите пример с элиты

One of the most popular issues of ordinary Russians to economists — what to keep their savings. The latter usually yulish answer is vague, one of the most popular answers, “what you spend in the store”, etc.

But here, as almost everywhere, ordinary Russians should take an example from elite. Not listen to their words and look at the case. Shout about Garou and damn NATO and their own property in Miami, children and relatives in Europe — so here it is the strategy of life, what is necessary to go.

And with savings. All public arrests and searches senior bureaucrats always dominated by dollars and euros. Colonel Zakharchenko kept a currency basket: 96% in dollars (124 million dollars), 3% in RUR (342 million rubles), 1% in euros (1.4 million euros). According to the results of a search of the house of the head of Russian customs Belyaninov we also got a glimpse of a balanced basket of currency savings: 50% dollar, 40% Euro and 10% of the ruble.

The direction of thought is clear.


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