Syrian army clean Aleppo neighborhood


Сирийская армия зачистит окрестности АлеппоThe timing of this operation will determine the military command.

The army of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) is going to clean up the neighborhood of Aleppo from insurgents who regularly shelled the city.

According to him, the timing of this operation will determine the military command, as the required coordination with partners in Damascus. He also noted that the Syrian authorities intend to return all the territories that are under occupation of foreign forces.

“Speaking about the return of territories occupied by Turkey, and supported Turkey’s forces or under the leadership of the United States and NATO and the coalition led by the United States, it is worth noting that there are several ways the return of these territories”, the General said in an interview to “RIA Novosti”.

Hassan explained that the SAR government can return to its territory through a peace process or alternatively apply a force in the event of the failure of political methods. According to him, the Syrian army has the right to fight the presence of foreign military in every way possible.


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