Sweden demanded to send the Russian diplomat


Швеция потребовала выслать российского дипломатаThe incident occurred in connection with the exploration activity.

Swedish foreign Ministry summoned the Russian Ambassador in Stockholm, Victor Tatarintseva in connection with the activity of Russian intelligence.

According to the newspaper, the Swedish foreign Minister asked the Ambassador to one of the employees of the Russian depodesta voluntarily left the country.

“I can confirm that we summoned the Ambassador because of the activities of a diplomat,” said Nielson.

Probably talking about the 47-year-old diplomat from Russia, which two weeks earlier had met in a café in Stockholm with a 45-year-old citizen of Sweden.

Subsequently, the Swede was detained on suspicion in espionage in favor of Russia. The detainee worked in the sphere of high technologies that supposedly could be of interest to other countries. The suspect denied the charges.


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