Sverdlovsk deputies asked to cancel the Universiade and to nationalize “Ural airlines”


Свердловские депутаты просят отменить Универсиаду и национализировать «Уральские авиалинии»

The KPRF deputies of the legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region offered a number of additional measures, aimed at combating the economic crisis and the impact of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.

On behalf of the parliamentary Communists on passing April 9 meeting of the legislative Assembly by Alexander Ladygin. He in particular stated the need for the abolition of the Universiade-2023 in Ekaterinburg and areas planned for organization of games of 40 billion rubles for the stabilization of the economy.

The Communists also proposed to nationalize the airline “Ural airlines” and some other enterprises of the region.


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