Suzuki Ecstar presented its new race bike


Suzuki Ecstar презентовала свой новый гоночный байк In anticipation of the beginning of tests at Sepang team Suzuki Ecstar has introduced its new bike.

They did it with the two pilots Andrea Iannone and Alex Rins.

After a very challenging 2017, the team announced that they were able to properly analyze the situation so that this never happens again. In the team I really want to hope that the new GSX-RR will show only their best side.

By the way, the organizers of the Premier class of world championship road RACING went to the Japanese meet, allowing them with no restrictions bring to mind the engine. We can say, showed “pity” because of disastrous performances last season.

Team Manager Davide Brivio: “We have to try our best to not have any results as last season. All the engineers of the Suzuki factory and the team members are constantly working in the winter. Most importantly, we were able to get a lot of good experience from last season when so actively had to fight, to fight, especially during the first three segments of the championship. We need to understand how much improved the bike, given a new specification of the engine, how is it with the standpoint of the chassis”.

Andrea Iannone: “this season my approach to racing is a little different from the one that was a year ago. I already have experience with Suzuki, I know very well his team and frankly, starved for the tests. I think that this bike is well suited to my style of piloting.

Very motivated regarding the upcoming season. Once we identify the problems that existed last year, and then add something to this really good base, we will be able to achieve their goals, should be able to fight in the top five in every race. During winter break I worked very hard not only physically, but also in terms of creating a fighting spirit. Let’s look at how opponents will appreciate the real level in the first test at Sepang”.

Alex rins, who missed part of last season because of an injury: “the New season is about to begin, and for me it will be completely different from what I experienced last year. This time I had a “normal” winter break. I mean that I was able to practice. I think that this time fit in much better shape than last year. In any case, I want to continue to learn.

Our goal is to get more kilometers for the tests in the saddle of the new GSX-RR, to continue to improve his pace in the saddle of a MotoGP bike. I am very positive.”


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