Suspected of cheating, the official has committed suicide


Заподозренная в мошенничестве чиновница покончила с собой

Deputy Minister of health of RT Elena Shishmaref that Saturday was placed under house arrest on suspicion in swindle and excess of powers of office, was found dead in his own house. A preliminary version is suicide. Doctors save the life of Šišmarevoj did not. This was told by a few sources of “BUSINESS Online”.

We will remind, under the version of the mbea, Shishmaref exceeded his powers, forcing employees of subordinate institutions to undergo refresher courses. Guilt Shishmaref is not recognized. “My actions are strictly documented, I am most interested person to explain the consequence of all my actions and decisions. I am ready to cooperate” — she said on 3 February the court at the time of election of a preventive measure. The investigative Committee insisted on her detention, but the court sent the suspect under house arrest



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