Surrounded by enemies: conspiracy theories became the basis of Russian ideology


Кругом враги: конспирология стала основой российской идеологии

The average Russian is very easy to convince any of the conspiracy theories that “explain” why the foreign forces want to enslave or destroy it


The whole world is entirely controlled by no one. He manages large-scale inertia rather than a complex hierarchy and supposedly it generates a secret, but a huge, branching structure.

Although the latter, of course, there are out any hidden schemes and agendas, constantly striving for dominance and competing, but that does not make them “masters of the universe”, as often seems to be all sorts of lovers of conspiracy theories.

Despite the alleged materialism of Marxist doctrine, Lenin adapted for Russia, in the heart of it lay and continue is the traditional mantra of a religious nature. Directly in the thinking of the average Russian, as a rule, there are myths — interpretations of Lenin’s ersatz religion, multiplied by the Orthodox remake kabeshkovo spill.

That is why today, softened by decades of indoctrination brain Russian man in the street is very easy to lay down any conspiracy theories that “explain” why the foreign forces want to enslave or destroy it. Also it fits in the General paradigm of foreign policy of the current Russia, considering the progressive countries of their enemies, “soulless” executors of the will of some higher secret hostile (including alien!) forces.

The seemingly redundant Informatization of the Russian society occurred in the mid-2000s due to the spread of broadband access to the Internet, high-quality “quantum leap” in the mass unconscious has not come — on the contrary, people soon learned to find online all sorts of fanciful confirmation of their idle speculation and delusional slander than to dispel the darkness of our own ignorance is not always convenient and comfortable for the perception of facts.

Thus conspiracy thinking is also a desire to create a breeding ground for monsters generated by the sleep of reason, is the desire to create an ideological structure in which they will become an integral, organic part.

Knowing about the trap is the first and primary way to avoid it. Suppose some conspiracy to build correct and thus, exposing the conspiracy, one is freed from the corrupting, pernicious influence of its secret founders. But there it was. Konspirologichesky does not imply qualitative conclusions even from their own language, leading their followers deeper into the tangled maze — right on lunch the Minotaur madness.

How succeeded Russian literature in dichotomous questions from “What is good and what is bad?” to “Who is to blame and what to do?” as kinky steadily Russian Outlook, the Russian being, giving ready and seductive answers. Finger pointing turns to finding the enemy, but this enemy somehow always becomes a kind of third force, still considerably mystified. While its own domestic power often sacralized, covered with an aura that graciously, then punishing divinity. Because from Russian literature to the conspiracy — just one step.


The problem is that archaic-conspiracy thinking, characteristic of the lower strata of the population, expertly crafted propaganda of recent years, constantly moving from internal issues in the external sphere. Thus, the “Masonic conspiracy”, “Atlanticist Pact” and other “international conspiracy” every time come to life under the updated covers, staying inside all the same Bolshevik “methodological guidelines to identify counter-revolutionary elements”.

One example of a quasi-governmental structure for the production of conspiracy myths is the so-called “Izborsk club”. This community is widely known in narrow circles homegrown “intellectuals” of the conservative wing, specializing in the study of external and internal policy of Russia.

Their hallucinatory building, taken from the German manuals of the 30-ies of the last century, are the ideological basis of the current Russian statehood.

I remember in the beginning of the two thousandth, when Putin’s agenda was still not obvious and is only beginning to form, one of these “wise men” (then I did not know who they are), invited me to some event in one of the most prestigious book shops in the center of Moscow.

The speakers unanimously criticized the West, preparing for the last battle, the sacred, etc. I have long suffered and were perplexed. But my patience snapped, when by a single literary man, vaguely reminiscent of Leo Tolstoy, but this being obvious post-modern fake (like all of them), stood up and exclaimed, lifting his hands up, “As they can, there is something to do (now, unfortunately, I literally do not remember who and what), when children are starving in Africa?”. Of hungry children in the room it was just me. So I immediately went to the nearest cafe to dine, not to listen to all this heresy. Behind me ran another clinical a patriot, trying to convince me that I “need to work with them, for the benefit of Russia and for a decent funding(!)” and the idea of the cold war, of course, imitation is very good. And everything that happens there is nothing like the action of “anti-Brzezinski”, which is necessary to read and understand “exactly the opposite”. Simply put, I tried to not only engage in dubious political and intellectual fraud (and similar scams has been the foreign and domestic policy of the current Russian Federation), but to convince me that this game suits not only Russia, but America.

From the above it follows one simple and inevitable conclusion — all the crimes, primarily the state, are committed under the guise of externally comely public consensus. When such contracts in its core begin to take the form of aggressive phantasms of conspiracy, the state is doomed to catastrophe.


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