Suprun debunked myths about colds


Супрун развенчала мифы о переохлажденииThe body reacts to cold as a stimulus.

The myth that “sitting on a cold” can lead to inflammation of the bladder, debunked the acting Minister of health Suprun.

Suprun says that there are many misconceptions about sitting on a cold surface and the health problems it can supposedly cause. The most common of them is the myth that it leads to cystitis. This judgment has no evidence.

Sitting on a cold surface can lead to a deceptive feeling of the need for frequent urination. It doesn’t harm the body reacts to cold as a stimulus, an unpleasant feeling will disappear when people get warm.

Burning or pain when urinating talking about a serious problem, but these symptoms often develop as a result of bacterial infections, the cold is not a concern to them.


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