Superleague: “Mavpy” has reached the final that “Chemist” has reduced backlog from “Dnepr”


“Cherkassk Mavpy” made it to the finals of the playoffs of the championship of Ukraine on basketball and wait for the denouement in the battle between the “Chemist” and “Dnepr”.

Play Vladimir Konev helped “Cherkassy Maitam” to close the series with “Nikolaev” in a minimum of three games. “Shipbuilders” in the course of the first half due to the activity of Anton Davydyuk, dominated on another Board, got 7 points, but after the big break “Maitum” managed to turn the tide of the match.

In the last seconds of “Nikolaev” I had a chance to snatch victory – Denis Noskov took over responsibility for the building of a decisive attack and lost.

MBK Mykolaiv – Cherkasy Mavpy – 57:59 (16:12, 21:20, 12:15, 8:12)

Nikolaev: Davydyuk (20 + 8 rebounds), Popov (11 + 5 rebounds + 4 assists), onufriyev (7 + 6 rebounds).
Cherkasy Mavpy: Konev (20 + 9 rebounds), Konate (15), Davis (8 + 9 rebounds + 4 assists).

The account in a series: 0:3

“Chemist” has changed after two away defeats against FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and reduce the backlog in the series. A decisive breakthrough wards Vitaly Stepanovski made in the third quarter – mobile five “Chemist” with Colter, Sidorov and Riabchuk could confound the protection of the Dnipro.

The fourth match in the series between the “Chemist” and “Dnepr” will be played April 18.

Khimik — Dnipro 99:81 (22:29, 30:23, 24:17, 23:12)

Chemist: Coulter (19), Sidorov (15 + 5 assists), Davis (15+9 rebounds).
Dnepr: Timofeyenko (18), Glebov (14), Revzin (12).

The account in a series 1:2


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