Super League: Dnipro equalized in the semifinal series with Khimik


“Dnepr” and “Khimik” second super League semifinalist will be determined in the fifth game.

“Dnepr” in the first quarter made it clear “to the Chemist” that the fifth game in the series is inevitable. The wards of Denis Zhuravlev, using the failure of the guests in the attack in the second half of 10-minute organized a breakthrough and secured a lead of 16 points.

Before the big break “Chemist” has reduced the gap to 11 points. In the second half of the match the guests from the South tried to aggravate the situation, but “Dnepr” has maintained a comfortable advantage.

In the final quarter “Chemist” approached Dnipro to the distance of six points. The home team did not make the situation worse, and gave a jerk 8:0 and closed the question about the winner of the match.

The opponents of the “Kiev-Basket” in the final of the super League play-offs will be determined on April 16. The decisive match of the series between the “Dnepr” and “Chemist” will take place in the South.

Dnipro – Khimik 93:77 (29:13, 24:29, 22:23, 18:12)

Dnepr: Fesenko (19 + 10 rebounds), Glebov (18 + 7 assists), zakurdaev (15), timofeyenko (13 + 10 rebounds).
Chemist: Edwin (24 + 6 rebounds + 5 assists), Ryabchuk (13 + 5 rebounds), Pavlov (12 + 5 rebounds), Jones (11 + 8 rebounds), Antipov (10).

The account in a series – 2:2


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