Summer handling days: the best options


Летние разгрузочные дни: названы лучшие вариантыNutritionists suggested what summer products are better than others unload the bowels and help to lose weight.

Everyone knows what fasting days and what they meant. In General, according to nutritionists, any option handling of the day should be used once a week and this concerns not only those who want to lose weight, but everyone who is important to maintain your figure and to maintain a healthy weight.

In summer, each of us has much of a chance to make fasting days easy and diverse. The experts suggested what products best cleanse the body and help to quickly get rid of extra pounds:

Yogurt+ground ginger. During the day you should drink four cups of yogurt with 1/2 tablespoon of ginger in each, that is, the total number of lactic acid beverage is 1 liter, and ground spices – 2 tbsp This tool instantly removes excess fluid from the body and accelerates the metabolism as per day, you can lose up to 2 kg of excess weight.

Watermelon. In June, I have been able to unload the watermelons, but this option would be relevant already in 1-1,5 months. During the day on watermelon, you can get rid of three excess pounds.

Cucumbers. Are allowed to eat up to 2 kg of cucumbers, but for best effect they should not be salted. Weight loss in one day can reach a couple pounds.

Soup of leeks. Many people know about the miraculous power of this dish, but it is longer than one day beyond the power of even the most patient of people. But for handling the day soup of leeks with vegetables. In addition, you have quick getting rid of 1-2 kg.

Berries. You can eat any seasonal fruit, but in one go they should not be more than 300 grams. In June, everyone has the opportunity to make a berry unloading.

Green apples. Up to two pounds of apples eaten per day, can accelerate the metabolism and to remove excess fluid from the body. Plus, you won’t feel hungry during the day, and in the morning you will see the plumb line in a couple of kilograms.

Also have high effectiveness in salt-free fasting days, when you can eat any kind of food, but without salt. To achieve the mega result, you should eat something protein, like chicken meat and, again, no salt.

Choose any of the favorite options for handling days, but can and does rotate them to achieve the most rapid results in weight loss.


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