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How to do without a stylish dress? Every woman has in her closet at least a few dresses that accentuate feminine beauty. And in the summer they are especially needed! Look at the 10 characteristics trendy summer dresses, is that you knew exactly what kind of dress should be on you this summer.

1. Linen fabric

This is, without a doubt, the most trend material of the season. If in past seasons the linen was the prerogative of the beach looks for women of middle and old age, in this season len was just a generic material. Vary the colors and cut, choose a dress with prints or without. In this fabric you will feel as comfortable as possible, because the linen allow the skin to breathe and perfectly placed on the figure.

2. Floral print

If you’ve been around the brand stores, you’ve probably noticed this trend. Summer floral print has gained special popularity. And this applies not only to dresses but also shirts, pants, shorts and skirts In all colors and in all sizes. Dresses romantic style, or in dresses in the style of 80-ies.

3. A polka-dot print

For those who are not fond of floral print. Things with polka-dot print was popular all year, but in summer, their popularity increases. A dotted print can be on dresses of any style. Look for the original version of the print, such as on photo: size XL.

4. Asymmetry

The most trendy summer cut. Looking for dress with one strap shoulder and long sleeves (or sleeves in the form of a flounce). Asymmetry is also popular in swimwear and blouses, so be sure to buy a things that’s cut. You can also look asymmetric skirt (short in front and slightly longer in the back, or diagonal). Choose the thing that you like the most, but definitely with an asymmetric cut.

5. Open shoulders

In trend clothing with a boat neckline. It is also called “cleavage Brigitte Bardot”, as this French actress in the 60-ties and 70-ties years made this cut is very popular. And now, in 2019, he again becomes a trend. Of course, this is not the most convenient option, because such a cut requires perfect posture and a slim figure. However, the neckline “boat” was definitely one of the most stylish, feminine and sexy this season.

6. Shuttlecocks

Summer 2019 is not without its folklore motifs, without clothes in ethno style. Shuttlecocks refer precisely to the details that give the clothes in ethnic style. Don’t think about what you will look like a flamenco dancer. You should take the chance if you want to follow the trends of the season. Shuttlecocks – the most popular decor of the season, even if we talk about the styles of swimwear.

7. MIDI length

MIDI is the length, which ends somewhere between the ankle and knee. Recently, the trend has been MIDI skirt, but it’s time for dresses! By the way, this length fits larger women, because in this way you can completely hide the area of the thighs and knees, where, as a rule, the fat is accumulated.

8. Cut slit

Perfect summer dress should have such a noticeable detail as the cut. But its location, size and degree of openness depends on your courage. Evening look will be just gorgeous with a long dress and deep neckline to the side. And beach wear will look very stylish with a slit on the back or stomach. Be sure to buy a dress to showcase its beauty and femininity.

9. Accentuated waist

This summer don’t hide your waist under baggy clothes! Buy a belt of straw and with a stylish print, and be sure to emphasize the waist!

10. Loose cut

If you do not want to emphasize the waist, then buy a shift dress, dress shirt or dress with ties at the neck and a belt under the breast.

These are the main characteristics of the trendy dresses of the season. Search for dresses with just one of these characteristics to look not only beautiful, but also stylish.


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