Sulakshin: Russian society like a bear in hibernation


Сулакшин: российское общество как медведь — в спячке

No wonder the symbol of the “United Russia” is a bear. Strong, powerful beast, flowing for a long period in hibernation. Sleeping power elite, to sleep inclined, and society. This bear is in hibernation now emerging Russian society.

The applicant for the position of President Stepan Sulakshin believes that we are witnessing is the falling asleep of the society:

“We monitor social energy of the Russian society and it is falling, this phenomenon is called freezing. Energy now, like a bear in winter den, at the bottom, at minimum. The ruling regime froze the social energy and creativity of the Russian people and killed almost to zero”.

Despite such a passive state of civil society, hope that it will Wake up there. Stepan Sulakshin trying on the words of the President that the bottom has passed, to Russian society:

“The bottom-we already felt. And from the bottom of the movement can only be upward. First signs, first measurements show that this upward movement has gone. Such a forecast: from the middle of next year, it will be accelerated to develop. This will be the beginning of a turn to heating up the social energy of our people.

Why warming up is going to happen? Appeals, the words people do not Wake up. If the person is sleeping sweetly, he is well, he dreams, he dreams of different things. “Yes, leave me alone! Let Dospat, a dream to watch!“. In such a situation, if you don’t give a slap, or a glass of cold water does not pour out, he won’t Wake up. What could be a slap or a cold shower for the Russian people? Absolutely clear the relationship between quality of life and social energy.

The relationship of quality of life and protest political activity is difficult, she is very manipulative. Remember, as the Crimea has overshadowed all feelings of the Russian people that the economy is ugly, that the distribution is unfair that we roll down from crisis to crisis, no prospects, meanings of life, the country disappeared as a subject. A lot of people by the people and the country become only in one case — if there is a common big idea.

The Idea “Get Rich!”, which boiled down to the idea of “Steal, not work to earn!”, the idea of “Consume” is not the idea that a bunch of people makes people. No. Not at all. There is a threshold level drop of life, for whom all this looks like the same slap”.


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