Sulakshin: Russia is out


Сулакшин: Россия в ауте

Passed by the UN General Assembly is the highest Assembly of the countries of the world. The issue there is solved, at least is being discussed, not a comic. The question of war and peace. The issue of security. For the second year in a row our country there at the level of the President of the country is not represented. Putin to not travel. Why would it? A simple and perfectly valid explanation: our President was the “shake hands”, I don’t want it, love it, respect it, accept it, take it there.

Shortly before the General Assembly of the United States of America, trump has taken the initiative of reforming the UN. Was assembled a summit of a range of countries in the world, it is Putin wasn’t even invited. And Russia is not invited. These are facts that give content to the concept of “rogue state”. States issued a law on sanctions in the law on sanctions three States: North Korea (for obvious reasons — the missile and nuclear threat to neighbors, and to Americans), Iran (also for good reason — disobeying Americanism and the threat to Israel) and Russia. For obvious reasons, namely: in contrast to the Soviet Union, Russia itself, so lowered, ruined, weakened and exhausted, that the reaction to threat, which for centuries was the West side of our country, Russian Russian civilization, passed into the practical plane. Drooling to finally solve the Russian question, dorazvalit as the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia. To do so it is not so difficult, because Putinism and our leader, strictly speaking, lead Russia is on this road, to such purpose, to speak no nonsense, but directly.

Putin received a “black mark” from the West. It is the elite that got rich during this time and keeps their money in offshore accounts in Western banks, not just “mark” got, its accounts are arrested, locked and, in fact, there is tremendous pressure: either you cease to flutter, get Putin, pose even more liberal, but servile and “rukopozhatnogo” or not see as the ears of their capital. So even with the absurd ambition, bullying foreign policy, Syrian adventurism.

Suitable another test by North Korea, where everything is made with the same formula. Solutions will be chosen from all the possible, not the best, not the most advantageous for Russia, and the most absurd, vulgar, emotional according to the rules of street fighting: to beat first (or something like that), put a footrest, maternity after or middle finger to show that this Arsenal will be something in the area of North Korea. So Putin is “not a handshake”. It’s naturally not comfortable stay in the environment in which we turn away from him, hands do not stretch, therefore it does not exist. But what does this mean? This means that the level of representation there — the Minister of foreign Affairs. Well, it’s not a presidential level! Means, contacts, negotiations, meetings severely limited. Here it is — a rogue state. This means political isolation. We say: “What is there insulation? We here in Syria are led and formed the agenda!”. Yes in Syria, we podtantsovke us-Israeli strategy gouging all States in the arc of Arab solidarity around Israel, who have threatened this country, its security, and in principle, this objective testimony explains this kind of policy. The only question is the price of such a policy.

Hence the massacre of Libya. Hence the mayhem of Iraq. Hence the current mayhem in Syria. Iran on the line.

Putin’s regime, by the way, in the face of Medvedev in Libya, warning in advance, no-fly zone actually agreed. The Putin regime in the party stayed, when he attacked Iraq. But in Syria is participated to deprive Bashar al-Assad’s weapons of deterrence, chemical weapons, untie the hands of the us-Israeli international coalition to bomb the country like they bombed it and bombed into the trash. And the Putin regime also bombed Syria, and bombed in the trash. Robbers there, the terrorists? Yes, this question is not discussed. But militias in Syria who are fighting the regime of Bashar al-Assad’s reason for Putin not become allies, and they became the Bashar al-Assad. Well, this is the choice. The President has the right to such a choice. Just as he made the opposite choice in Ukraine.

Back to the General Assembly. At the General Assembly trump, previously held talks with a dozen countries, put forward the reform program of the UN. Let me remind you, a permanent member of the Security Council in this process is not present. It’s about Russia speech. And 135 countries the programme of UN reform was supported. Question: “Who is the leader of the world, and who is the outcast? Who is in political isolation?”. But not only that in isolation, even in isolation. After all, it is Putin’s decision not to go there. So man is afraid to go to the podium, afraid to represent our country, afraid to bring powerful arguments that it will drive two-thirds of countries, but not for trump. Nothing to say.

This despite the fact that in Russia there is such a agenda is a project of the Russian world project of Russia to the world. It is designed. By the way, it with good sense and soul we would give Putin if it were not clear that it is for our country is passing variant, the subject of quite black historical period in its history.

But the Russian project, the world exists, just no one of his from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly the world to explain. And there reading papers, written by someone who is unknown to us, not an easy ride, not a ride there that option. During the talks, the paper fails to read. The Russian leader must be a true leader, idea generator, generator world of project restructuring, a generator of alternative proposals to the world of opposition to Americanism, and their formulas of globalization. Here the leader needs to be on the podium of the General Assembly from our country. But such a leader we have. And maybe even good that the current leader is not there. Blush less necessary.

Here is a picture. Here is an observation for today.


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