Suicide among us: a murderer out-dismantler, released on PAROLE


Смертник среди нас: по Москве разгуливает убийца-расчленитель, выпущенный по УДО

Sentenced to death was released from a colony “the polar Owl” for the first time in history

Of the most terrible prisons for life-term prisoners “snowy owl” (located beyond the Polar circle, in the village of Kharp of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district) for the first time in its history freed the prisoner.

It is generally the only one of the lifers who got the ticket to freedom. And now, once sentenced to death for brutal murder of Anwar Masalimov walks among us — according to recent reports, Moscow.

The Federal service of execution of punishments believe that technically it is not parole, as the result of a reclassification of the sentence (although in some documents the court stated that PAROLE).

Anyway, the precedent is created. The first swallow, so to speak. The man who escaped at the time the death penalty was on the outside. But in General in recent years the number of convicts to life term, which can apply for PAROLE because he served 25 years, is rapidly approaching is not even a hundred, and five hundred. What would happen if the courts began their mass release? Adapt is the former maniacs, pedophiles and serial killers to modern reality? Not will they the old?

The first of the doomed

63-year-old Anwar Masalimov hardly understand what he is lucky. From colony RV (sentenced to life in prison), yet no one ever before him did not free. I would like to tell a touching story that Anwar himself was initially not guilty. Or that it all happened by chance, and the punishment was too severe. But it is not so.

— 17 Aug 1991 he brutally killed a man, — says the representative of the Vologda regional court Larisa Novolodskaya. — It all happened in a private house of the village Komsomolsk in Tomsk region.

Lonely and good-hearted pensioner Gavrilov admitted not only in your home, and generally in my life recently released convict Masalimova. He was not embarrassed by the fact that Anwar has served time not for petty crime and for the murder (the first time he got 15 years).

Will Masalimov got a job as a longshoreman. Apparently, he was accustomed to alcohol Gavrilova, they often drink together. But how many wolves feed… In one evening Masalimov strangled Gavrilova.

— Using the axe dismembered corpse, the head was burned in the stove, and part of the body was thrown into the cesspool, — says Novolodskaya.

If not for the neighbor who found the meat in the toilet, no one would know about the death Gavrilova: Masalimov told everyone that he “went to bride-price”. Wine Anwar was completely proved.

Studying the materials of the criminal case from 27 years ago. From documents it is visible that Masalimov pleaded partially guilty. Explained at the trial, saying that Gavrilov burned in the stove of his photographs, which greatly angered. “I punched him in the face, he fell, smashing his head on the jamb stove”. Masalimov says that he tried to help Gavrilov, but he was not breathing and pulse is not palpable. But the corpse he dismembered to hide the evidence and again not to get into prison, from which he was only six months ago.

Forensic scientists words Masalimova denied — they found the hyoid bone fracture the victim that testified the death was caused by compression of the throat, not from shock.

In General, given the fact that the second murder and was committed in a state of alcoholic intoxication, the court came to the conclusion — I quote: “Masalimova should be recognized as especially dangerous recidivist and assign the death penalty.” He waited for the firing squad a few years and only in 1998, President Boris Yeltsin issued a decree replaced the death penalty to life term.

First, Masalimov was in the colony for life-term prisoners “the Vologda coin”, then it have translated in “snowy owl”. All this time, he wrote complaints to the court. In the end of his sentence excluded indications of the recognition of the convicted of particularly dangerous repeat offender and in aggravating the liability circumstance — committing a crime under the influence. The article was changed to article 102 article 103 of the criminal code of the RSFSR. But the punishment has not changed — period of time and remained a lifetime.

— Perekvalificirovat action Masalimova without commutation, the court proceeded from the fact that life imprisonment was not assigned to a sentence, and the pardon decree of the President, says Novolodskaya. — That is, the review is kind of not the competence of the court (it followed from the court practice, formed at the time of the judgment, in respect Masalimova — 11 April 1998). But things are changing. And here is the Presidium of the Vologda regional court found: to mitigate the punishment. He freed Masalimova from further punishment with the phrase “in connection with the adoption of the law on improving the situation of the convicted person”.

The help that is on the case (copy from “IC”) indicates that Masalimov released on PAROLE. Hence the saying, “the First of the doomed forgiven.”

As a prisoner to the monks filed

Recently, security agencies have held several meetings where we discussed the situation with Maslinovim. We talked to the participants of the discussions.

What if this “first swallow” will be a “flock” of prisoners? — says one of the generals of the Central apparatus of the Ministry of interior (surname asked not to specify). Maniacs and pedophiles, and not executed in the Soviet era, will be released into the wild now? And what they will do? They have lost over the decades, the sense of reality!

With all that the General could not answer me a simple question: what’s with Maslinovim? Where is he now? How to live-live? It turned out no one found him administrative oversight, his traces were lost. Help the colony there is only the indication: “Retired at: Moscow, ul. Generala Dorokhova, 17”.

— He is from Kazan, — says the former operations officer of the “Polar owl” Yuri Mandrykin. — There his sister left. He wrote to her all the property, refused the inheritance, it is not thought that will see freedom. That’s all, and believed that he would return to Kazan. And he’s in Moscow went! But all said that if once released, he will become a monk. But in General, many prisoners in the colony, so they say. We especially do not believe. And you do not believe.

Go outside Dorokhov. Oddly enough, “the monk version of” indirectly confirmed: this address is the Church of St. Dmitri of Rostov.

— Remember, remember him, came, says social worker of the temple. — Offish, no one didn’t want to talk, but the father of Andrew. And he have corresponded with him when Anwar is still in prison were. A lot of us write from a prison for life convicts. We help them, sent them stuff, money…

– I didn’t expect to see in our Church Masalimova, — says father Andrew. — Because that’s the Providence of the Lord! I offered him to become a novice and then a monk. Well, where else would he go? He’s already middle-aged, health is poor. And settled at the monastery, led a righteous life and praying for the souls of the slain. Food and shelter would always be. But, to my surprise, he flatly refused. He said he wants to hire lawyers to help to get from the state housing and compensation for having “overstayed”.

I was surprised. Said, “Why to fight, to seek justice now? It is necessary with God to reconcile and to think about the soul”. We could not write: we have here at the Church children, and no beds. So we gave him a little money for the first time, the address of a homeless shelter near Nikolo-Perervinskogo of the monastery, drove his car to the Kiev station, like he asked (he himself was going out to the shelter). I gave him the phone to call me if there are any problems. He never called.

To the shelter in Lublin (sent there by his priest) Masalimov never made it. Emergency companies said people with such data, they have not been. Officially it is not listed in any of these establishments of Moscow. But in General in the city of a hundred frequent shelters where the homeless get shelter and food for that work.

Where is Masalimov? What’s wrong with him? And most importantly — if he’s dangerous?

Army of suicide bombers

In Russia today, 1940 sentenced to life in prison. About a quarter of them have spent behind bars for 25 years and, therefore, have the statutory right to PAROLE. The first prisoners whose terms had reached a quarter of a century, there in 2016. But anyone who has filed a petition for PAROLE, the court refused, and repeated the petition they can only do in three years. But every year there are more and more prisoners, who came the same 25-year period. They fill the courts with petitions for PAROLE. The first thing they are doing — requesting the administration of the colony, where people spent a quarter of life. Reformed? Dangerous? The chiefs of all IR for life convicts the same answer: not recommended for PAROLE.

— You judge for yourself! During this time, he was sitting, the country has changed, the world has changed, — said the employee of “the Polar owl”. — There are mobile phones, laptops, Internet, has changed the laws have almost completely rewritten the criminal code. Clothing style, profession, habits of the people — everything was different! And because we are “frozen” in time. They sometimes watch TV, and they have a lot seems fantastic. Scenes from modern movies about the real life they perceive, as if it were a series of “Star wars.”

— I have employees there is a strong belief that while nothing for the liberation of these people are not ready — says the head of “the Vologda five-copeck coin” Vladimir Gorelov. — Is not spelled out under what conditions it is possible to release a convict, what requirements it must meet. Generally should be developed (with the public) a set of measures of preparation for PAROLE five years before the deadline, when you can ask about it court. Candidate need to transfer to lighter conditions that he lived several years in the chamber, and in a common unit (as in conventional colonies) to see how he is able to communicate with other people?

The second point: it needs to have several professions that, when released, was in demand as an employee. For five years (from 20 to 25 years) it should be something like the certification Commission, which will include human rights activists, doctors, sociologists, psychologists and which will tell whether he goes the right way.

The third stage is understanding where he’s going to live in the wild and with whom. And already after he gets PAROLE, you need a few years to supervise him. And now it’s all gone. The convicted person does not understand what he needs to do to get out on PAROLE. And we, the staff, do not understand. And because of the administrative Commission none do not vote for a recommendation to the court to PAROLE a particular prisoner. Because no one is willing to take responsibility — first and foremost moral. What if he comes out and the first day will start to rape and kill women and children?!

Of course, there are those who Rob and kill will not be able to because of his age. The oldest “resident” colonies “the Vologda coin” Alexey Popkov 81. In 1990, he was sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and son in a state of alcoholic intoxication (first during an argument stabbed his wife, then the child who ran screaming). In jail he is 27 years old. If the ass had not been tried, the crime was domestic violence, so that the category of serial killers it is not. This after such a long stretch could be let go. But where? Who needs it? Who is going to care for it? He is now a sick old man, hardly gets out of bed.

— Lies and lies, sometimes when I pick it up to bring to the toilet, — says the cellmate. — Wrote he on PAROLE? Hardly. Him, and to go nowhere.

The oldest prisoner nobody writes. However, like others who are from 70 more.

And I have a house, there are relatives who are waiting, says 78-year-old Kazbek Kahlo. But to ask for PAROLE useless — anyone else not give it.

The researcher the right to PAROLE was in 2009. Unlike Popkov him before sentencing was a rich criminal history of four convictions. They say he’s one of the first true Soviet gangsters who robbed, killed as much as 60 years. The deadline for the researcher was for the fact that in 1978 his gang attacked a branch of the state Bank of the USSR. In the record of the criminal list, an armed attack on duty of district Department of internal Affairs in the Stavropol region, during which they killed two policemen. As he puts it, four years went “under the tower” (the death penalty).

Kazbek and on the outside-it almost was not: all the zones of the camps, and in between — Yes robberies robberies. How would they adapt to a free life now? It is clear that banditstvovat because of their age and physical infirmity, he would have failed. But what if we could teach the younger generation?.. In General, a lot of questions.

And generally held in captivity for years, people really will not need it close, lose all contact with them. The proof is the fact that when the three-strikes lifer dies, his relatives take the body in rare cases. The researcher admitted that the reported home: in case of death do not come, the body not take.

— I did not think that actually live up to these years, — tells Kazbek.

– Duration of life among lifetime is very large, — said the Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia Valery Maksimenko. — In ordinary colonies of the condemned is much more sick and often die.

We have long tried to understand this phenomenon. There are several explanations. One of them in the colonies for life-term prisoners provided the tight schedule, the whole life goes on schedule, this is probably more beneficial effect on the body. Have no lifers behind bars stress, they do not need to think about what will happen after liberation, how, where and with whom to live. For them, everything is resolved, and until their ends.

Here we must remember the Soviet military: often, when officers retired, and almost immediately died because he was changed for life routine mode, there is a imbalance of the body. Including so many in the military wanted to stay in the service as long as possible, because sometimes, even afraid to retire… And for life prisoners on the contrary, even well worn loose way of gang life, the body rises on a solid and stable track, gets the right diet and diet are clearly on the clock, for years, lapped and adjusted to continue works almost flawlessly to the surprise of all.

Over the last 10 years in the colonies for life-term prisoners died of sickness and old age 89. Of the most famous prisoners, who found death behind bars, terrorist Salman Raduyev. Prison physicians say that in fact he died of old wounds received in the wild.

Among RV-prisoners 76 persons with disabilities, including four with the first group. Theoretically some of them may fall under government resolution No. 54 of the list of diseases preventing the execution of punishment. But, let’s say there is such a disease, the maniac who raped and killed more than ten children. Do I have to let him go with the words “sick”?!

Amazingly, the number of suicides among suicide many times less than among the ordinary prisoners. Over the last three years there was only one successful attempt — the incident occurred in “the Polar owl”. All other pozhiznenniki go out, afraid of death. This is another phenomenon. After all, what could be worse than empty, not filled with joy, new experiences, and loved ones life? I will say that life can be completely gray and empty on the outside. All right. And perhaps it is even sadder.


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