Successful Frenchman twice this year he has won one million euros in the lottery


Удачливый француз дважды за год выиграл по миллиону евро в лотереюThe winner won 1 million euros in November 2016 and has continued to play every week until he won the second million last month.

The Frenchman won a million euros twice in less than two years.

A lucky resident of the South-East of France, whose name was not reported, the second time in 18 months I won the lottery “My Million”.

Double winner plans to continue playing, according to French media.

Newspaper La Parisien quoted mathematicians, indicating that the odds of winning the lottery for men were approximately 19 million to one, and now will be 140 million to one.

Double victory has pleased an Australian resident who won a local lottery twice in one week last month – and each time took more than $ 1 million.


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